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    I am in Michigan. Once you have received your CPL/CCW you have gone through all the checks and balance to purchase. You still have to take one of the four purchase cards into your local police department to complete the process. When my buddy purchase his first hand gun (a Glock) the only thing he had to do was present his CPL to make the purchase. He took the paper work down to central disrtict; turned in the paper work and that was that. I guess that is why the guys are saying "having your CPL/CCW next to your credit card makes it easy to over spend" and accuire a lot of weapons.

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    Yeah. I try to use ca$h. Before you still had to wait with cpls in Wa it was no wait. Then wait. Now no wait :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    Since you are asking this in the Washington forum and you list your location as Seattle, I will be happy to provide an answer that might actually be useful to you.
    Whoops, my bad. I made that response from my phone and couldn't what sub-forum it came from or see your Washington location.

    I hope you were able to get all the info you needed!

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    I live in Washington and NavyLCDR is correct. I have a CPL (concealed pistol licence) and as recently as last summer (2011) I bought a pistol and carried it home the same day. Without a CPL there is a 5 day wait.

  6. And as a little addendum to this..

    There is still a background check done on the person buying the pistol even WITH a CPL. First, of course, by NICS at the time of sale and then the dealer sends the pistol transfer application to the agency that has jurisdiction where the customer lives and more comprehensive background is completed.

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    I also live in Washington. When I bought my first handgun,I filled out the paperwork and was told 5 days.They called me 3 hours later and said I was good to go.Picked it up that same day.The next time..I had my CPL and the entire transaction took maybe 15 minutes.
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    I live near Olympia, have my CPL, and every firearm transaction I've had since obtaining it usually takes less time than it takes at Cabela's just to call your # when it's your turn to speak with one of their "experts" at the gun counter. Quick and painless. Without a CPL has varied, anywhere from a few hours to a few days for me but I suppose it could take the full 5 days in theory.

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