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    Training documentation for the AZ CCW

    Please review the AZ CCW training documentation (or former military service, if that applies to you) categories that can be used for their permit. USACarry has state-specific info, and also see the AZ DPS website as regards CCW requirements.

    Obviously, you're getting it for the reciprocities, not for AZ itself! Your WA CPL is absolutely required for you as a WA Resident, regardless of other permits you will possess.

    You have a fairly broad number of locally-offered training certifications which you can use for AZ.

    You can give one of us here in Western WA a call, or do a web search for your local ranges (many instructors post classes or business cards, or just ask the employees). I occasionally see flyers for Hunter Safety courses. Your city location would be helpful to connect you with someone ("Western WA" is a broad category!).

    Again, review the qualifying categories for AZ.

  3. Thanks 9mmCal. I live near Port Orchard,Wa.I did contact Arizona Public Safety and also sent them finger prints and what training I had from 1970 and also my CPL.They sent it all back requesting training not over 5 years old.Thats why I'm looking for an Instructor here locally.
    Thanks Nick

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