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Thread: Change of address in Washington State ????

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    May not be "required"....but you may want to just let the issuing authority know to update your records...for any possible revocation purpose. Then when renewal comes up just renew at the new location.

  3. PX4storm, I understand your viewpoint. However, this is one of those things that could result in legal consequences for people. Until such time as we can change the laws, this is what we are constrained by. I think it best to be in good standing with the law, should the law enforcers need to talk with you.

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    I never update any of my stuff when I move ...... the Gov-ment knows all that want about us/you/them/me as they want. Once you could understand what mom / Dad / teachers could say was the day your/our domestication started and we started to become slaves to the system .... quit kidding yourself, no one is free ! Just go about you life and quit F U C K I N G worrying about little S H I T like this .... none of us are as important as we think we are !
    Then why bother applying for a concealed carry license even in a RTC state?
    Ken Grubb
    Puyallup, WA

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    I asked the Cowlitz County sherriff's office about this because in oregon you have to notify a change of address, But they said in washington there was no need because if you notice on your permit it has your drivers license number on it. Your pemit is tied in with your drivers license, that's how they know when they ask if you are carring concealled

  6. WA State Licensing: Change your address - Concealed Pistol License

    Washington State law doesn’t require you to update the address on your concealed pistol license when you move.

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