Applied for WV Permit
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    Applied for WV Permit

    So I called down the Sheriff's office to find out what all we needed to bring to apply for our permits. The lady on the phone said driver's license, proof of completing a class with live fire and $95.00 a person. She said we would have our pictures taken and and be fingerprinted. Well we did everything except for the fingerprinting. She didn't mention anything about it. She just said we will mail you your license as soon as its done. I just hope that we didn't need to be fingerprinted and she forgot about it. This was Monday and would hope by now if that was needed she would have contacted us, but who knows. I was wondering, do any other WV license holders remember being fingerprinted for their license.

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    Fingerprinting is not required nor authorized under West Virginia law.
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    Thanks for info.

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