West Virginia passes five pro-gun bills.
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Thread: West Virginia passes five pro-gun bills.

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    Thumbs up West Virginia passes five pro-gun bills.

    SB435: This was originally the Home Rule bill, but Del. Patrick Lane amended it with HB2760 (preemption). HB2760 was previously dead in the senate committee due to a couple of anti-gun senators. The preemption repeals grandfathered municipal gun laws and prevents other state municipalities from enacting any anti 2A ordinances.

    HB2471: Speaker Rick Thompson's bill prevents firearms or ammunition confiscations during a time of emergency. This is the "Hurricane Katrina" bill. Jackbooted thugs will not be allowed to storm your home and confiscate your firearms during a state of emergency as happened during Hurricane Katrina.

    SB369: Senator John Unger's bill makes it legal for the Attorney General to enter into a concealed carry reciprocity agreement with any state that is willing to sign. It takes away onerous restrictions we placed on other states, making them ineligible to join with us. At the least, I would expect this to allow the AG's office to add Georgia and Alabama to our list of reciprocal states.

    HB2866: Delegate Bill Hamilton's bill makes a change to the 500 foot rule. It is currently illegal in West Virginia to discharge a firearm within 500 feet of a building or structure. There is no exception for your own house. So if your nearest neighbor is six miles away, it would still be illegal to shoot within 500 feet of your own house. This bill makes an exception for your own property, as long as no one else's house or structure is within 500 feet of you. It is a simple change, but it makes sense and is long overdue.

    HB2431: Delegate Rupie Phillips bill cleans up the CCW process, and allows for people with old and expunged disqualifying convictions a path to restoring their Second Amendment rights.

    Thanks to Delegates and Senators who were on our side. And thanks to all my fellow WVCDL members and leadership who put boots on the ground to make this happen.

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    That is great news! I'm following which States are fighting this tyranny...needless to say, I dont think I will wait till the SHTF before moving if NC were to violate the Constitution.

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    Virginia needs to enact a "Hurricane Katrina" bill.

  5. A big thank you also to the leadership and members of the WEST VIRGINIA CITIZENS DEFENSE LEAGUE who worked hard and long for our gun rights in WV.

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    Excellent work West Virginia.

  7. Now we need to get rid of Manchin, so we can keep them

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    My congratulations to the victors Good work, I suspect a lot of hard work went into the battle. Thanks
    Typos are for the entertainment of the reader. Don't let it go to your head!

  9. As a follow-up to this thread, I note that the 2014 legislature passed three additional pro-gun bills:
    SB317, which essentially takes preemption state-wide, preventing any city from passing gun laws which are more restrictive than state laws;
    HB4431, which clarifies that a Concealed carry permit holder carrying during hunting season will not run afoul of hunting laws just by carrying the weapon; and
    HB4186, which added provisions to the concealed weapons permit license to clarify that those applying must not be restricted under federal or state law from obtaining firearms.

    All three of these passed overwhelmingly, and are currently awaiting the signature of the governor.

    I want to thank the WVCDL who worked diligently to insure these passed, as well as all the legislators who voted for them. Let us hope the governor signs these with no problem!

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    Almost heaven.....West Virginia...........mountain momma....

  11. Quote Originally Posted by SR9 View Post
    Almost heaven.....West Virginia...........mountain momma....
    Interestingly enough, the 2014 legislature also adoptef "Country Roads" as an official state song!

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