Open carry in WV for non residents?
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Thread: Open carry in WV for non residents?

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    Open carry in WV for non residents?

    I am a Virginia resident.

    I have a Virginia CHP and a Utah non resident CHP.

    I have property in WV (Grant County) so I am constantly driving in and around WV.

    I know (I hope!) that I can legally carry concealed because VA / WV reciprocity. But I heard somewhere that as a non resident, I am not legally allowed to open carry in WV.

    Thank you,
    Charlie (Virginia FFL / SOT)

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    What you may be referring to is the fact that in WV you may OC at age 18 or above. Most states mandate you to be 21 to get your permit, license to carry, what have you, and for a non-resident to carry in anyway in WV he/she would need to have reciprocity (therefore have a permit). This leaves a window of ages 18-20 in which a non-resident could not carry open in WV since there would be no way to attain reciprocity since said person could not get a permit in his/her state until they turned 21.

    I'm guessing, but I have found nothing in the WV codes that prohibits a non-resident from open-carrying. As law goes, if there is no law against it, it is legal.
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    Open carry in WV for non residents?

    I would encourage you start here and if you need any clarification, call the states AG. uary%202013).pdf

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