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Thread: Media publishing names of chl holders

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    Media publishing names of chl holders

    I recently had the great displeasure of seeing my name published in my local paper after renewing my CHL. This is just a hold over from the days when a circuit judge issued CHLs.(before 1995) In the process of obtaining one, a civil action had to be filed to the circuit clerk and all court actions were published in the paper. How does this serve the public interest now as the issuance is an executive action verses a judicial one? If this does then why doesn't the media publish ALL licenses? (drivers, hunting, business, professional, etc.)
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    There's got to be a pro-2A attorney somewhere in the state who is willing to take up the cause of your privacy and your now lessened safety. Now that the criminals know where you live, they know where to steal (or try to) steal guns. Keep 'em close when you're home and lock up any you don't take with you when you leave the house.

  4. I believe this was done in New York, this spring or last fall and eventually some heads were rolled over this.

  5. IIRC, WV CHL files are "public information". All that's required is a cooperative Sherriff's Office and a curious media reporter/editor. Such misguided folks feel that they are performing a "public service" by releasing the names of CHL holders. There have been several attempts to get laws passed to protect against public dissemination of CHL holder information. We probably should entitle the next attempt "Enhanced Law Enforcement Access to Concealed Handgun Licensee Database" and bury somewhere in the "wherefores" a line prohibiting sharing any such information with "the public" under penalty of a felony prosecution.

  6. One liberal's run-in with CHCL licensees in the state of Arkansas turned ugly, when her last act of defiance to make license holders' names and zip codes public, before the records were sealed by the state, backfired:

    My Learning Curve (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note) | Arkansas Business News |
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  7. We need to have a list of all welfare recipients in the paper as well. We are paying them we should know who they are.

  8. HB-4310, which would have removed permit info from “public access”, passed the WV House with a 92 - 4 margin (3 not voting, 1 excused) 2/26/2014 and was sent to the WV Senate, where it died in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    That SAME day, I saw a newsprint “editorial” about how the bill “conceals our right to know”, trampling upon the “public right to know” what it’s government was doing. First the editorial said it’s not about how widespread gun ownership is, how many applications are rejected, or EVEN WHO’S GOT SUCH A PERMIT (my bold, you’ll see why later). Was it a coincidence that this editorial was published the same day the bill passed the House, and the day before it reached the Senate, where it died in committee?

    The editorial said the ISSUE is “government secrecy vs. the need for transparency”, “secrets about concealed-carry permits is wrongheaded”. The editor opined that access to such “inherently public” info is “fundamental to our society”. Chillingly, the editorial went on: “It’s the freedom of the press to study, probe AND PUBLISH such information that keeps government and everyone honest” (I wonder if they meant to include criminals and newspaper editors in “everyone”).

    They continued on about “checks and balances”, “limits of rightful authority”, etc. . . . That a license is required “speaks volumes about the public’s interest in KNOWING WHO HAS THESE PERMITS” (wait a minute, didn’t they just say that wasn’t why they objected to HB-4310 earlier in their “editorial”).

    Public interest. Public right to know. Freedom of the Press. Government transparency. Didn’t see mom and apple pie (maybe I missed it).

    Conspicuously absent was personal privacy, security of personally identifying information, targeting by stalkers/domestic abusers, targeting for harassment, targeting for theft of property.

  9. It is DONE. The WV list of permit holders is now accessible to Law Enforcement ONLY. No more media spewing the list to every criminal who can read.

  10. Good on ya' anvil6! Arkansas sealed its CHCL list from FOIA and anus faced liberals several years ago.
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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