Open carry in your vehicle in WV?
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Thread: Open carry in your vehicle in WV?

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    Open carry in your vehicle in WV?

    I think that I know the answer to this question, but will ask it anyway. I want to know if while traveling in your vehicle, you can open carry? By open carry I mean to have the pistol laying out on the seat beside you. I have to be dressed up on the way to work and I cannot carry my pistol into my work place, so I have to leave my pistol in my vehicle in a lock box. So it would be most convienent for me to just be able to carry it in the open on the seat beside me while traveling to my work place. I DO have a concealed carry permit for WV. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    West Virginia is open carry friendly, whether you're in or out of a vehicle. If you do it in your vehicle, however, maybe you should either consider putting your sidearm on the dashboard or in a vehicle mounted holster (assuming that you don't plan on carrying it on your person).

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    If you have a license to carry concealed in WV, then you can carry it any way that you want to. Be sure to tell a police officer that you have a licenes if you are stopped or questioned.

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