2 Wisconsin LEO Officials Want CCW with Tougher Restrictions
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Thread: 2 Wisconsin LEO Officials Want CCW with Tougher Restrictions

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    2 Wisconsin LEO Officials Want CCW with Tougher Restrictions

    Here is an editorial from JSOnline about two prominent law enforcement officials wanting concealed carry for Wisconsin but with tighter restrictions.

    "We have long been opposed to concealed carry for Wisconsin. But an argument, being made by Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn and District Attorney John Chisholm, makes sense to us. The state should have this law if it is truly part of a larger package that includes closing the gun show loophole, making it a felony to act as a straw buyer and also a felony to carry a concealed handgun without a permit."

    View the full article here:
    It's time to reconsider concealed-carry law - JSOnline

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  3. As an obviously reluctant, visitor to Wisconsin, I am bothered by the proposed concept, of a Law Abiding Voter and Taxpayer, who is NOT a Felon, being automatically Turned Into a Felon, for exercising the 2nd amendment right to carry a firearm. The law already covers the Weapon of a Felon, concealed or not. This latest proposal is deeply Flawed.

    To generate even more Felons, is apparently the ultimate goal of the Wisconsin Law Makers? As far as Wisconsin residents are concerned, it is in their very best interest, to forgo any change in their flawed laws, and just go on to carry 'deep' concealed anyway. The misdemeanor is a Far Less punishment than automatically becoming a Felon under this new proposal..

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    I have not been able to figure out how Wisconsin's laws got to be so restrictive to that state citizens. Hunting is popular and opening day for deer rifle season is as big as Monday Night Football with the Packers playing. It does not make much sense. But this Police Chief pushing tighter gun control does make sense, He's from Massachusetts and he is trying to force his thinking on the midwest.
    Edward A. Flynn - Chief of Police
    Chief Flynn's resume will explain....
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    Isn't Chief Flynn the guy who said he would have any person carrying a firearm openly put on the ground?

  6. Does anyone ever question why we will Fight for our second amendment rights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blogengeezer View Post
    Does anyone ever question why we will Fight for our second amendment rights?

    The Auschwitz Album
    Just seems like the right thing to do.Especially when you have a bunch of whacks that fly in a tight left circle and can't read or understand the US Constitution!

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