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Here in Michigan there is a controversy brewing in Royal Oak during a Labor Day celebration called Eats, Beats and Eats regarding people wanting to open carry guns at the festival. As a cpl holder of 20 years, I don't get why anyone would want to give away your tactical advantage by advertising that you have a weapon? Further, unless you have been trained in weapon retention tactics, why would a person want to risk have some fool try and take the weapon from you and use on you? I carry my weapon almost everywhere and no one knows I am packing. I just don't get it.

Read this thread: http://www.usacarry.com/forums/open-...-argument.html

Mainsail gives a very good essay on OC.

Now my take:

1. WI only has OC, its OC or defenseless. Given that choice, thousands of us choose to OC.

2. As mainsail points out OC says, "I'm a hard target." The criminals will find an easier target.

3. Only about 5% of the USA carries a firearm. 2% in MN. The criminals know this. You don't look armed, 98% chance you AREN'T armed, the criminal makes his move.

4. Gun GRAB fears are unfounded. Thousands OC every day in WI. The probability/possibility of a grab is very small.