How common is open carry really?
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Thread: How common is open carry really?

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    How common is open carry really?

    Hello, I did not see much new information here. I may have a lead on a job in WI that would require relocation. I do not see much here on how much the average person open carries versus when there is a rally. I would like to get a sense of whether you are just driving around with locked hand guns and leaving them in the vehicles and not open carrying or whether open carry is really only tolerated in some areas or on private property.

    I am from MA and have visited WI, and with as bad as MA is for rules there is a license to carry for the priviledged. Open carry does not fly.

    I have visited WI for almost 30 years and can't recall seeing anyone open carry, granted I am there on business. I have not gone to all parts. For many years I was in Kenosha and Racine. I was in Beloit and the area a 3-4 years ago. I have been in Tomah, WI Rapids more lately and nearby areas.

    Thank you.

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    When I visited Wisconsin on business I open carried except when I ate in alcohol-serving restaurants, where it was left in the car. It was my introduction to open carry. I now occasionally OC in middle TN.

    104 views, mine is the first comment? Y'all must be tired of arguin'!

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    Ongoing Freedom, thank you for getting this one going. I read on some other forums as well yesterday to start to get an up to date picture.

    Looked to me like there are open carriers and they are posting when they get stopped by police or store employees. Did you ever have an incident yourself? Thank you.

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    Absolutely none. I've been very surprised to see most people do not notice. Only two people that I'm aware of that did notice and stare were here in TN: the manager of a Lenny's sub shop that I was talking to and a bicycle cop standing outside a Petco that my family and I were entering.

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    That is a good sign. From a distance it is hard to tell how often people open carry without being stopped, questioned, or in some cases asked to leave some premises. I can see from some people's posts elsewhere that some of these have been impediments to their open carrying or open carrying more often.

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    Am in NC and OC constantly. When in public places like malls/etc. I just pull my shirt tail or "T" over it to avoid any hassles. Went in my bud's parts house yesterday and he commented that I was not allowed in his place carrying such a small shooter-LOL. Told him the 45s were in the car-was wearing a Makarov. Next week will be using a new Sig 232 stainless in 380

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    Thanks -06, good information for NC and your encounters.

    In WI there is one option, fully visible open carry and we will see how others update us on how often they carry, how long have they been doing it, whether they have problem encounters, etc.

    Would be interesting as well for WI at least, how many of you know of friends that have talked themselves out of carrying for whatever reasons.

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    I live in Pennsylvania and I have never seen it or done it.

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    Thanks Father-of-three. I had an interview in PA, outside NE Philly two weeks ago that did not move forward. I read up on some more.

    Open Carry is allowed in PA, and people can get licensed for concealed carry. There are some location limits on open carry.


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    Open Carry

    Try lots of info state by state

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