Woman Sues After Being Arrested For Open Carry
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Thread: Woman Sues After Being Arrested For Open Carry

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    Woman Sues After Being Arrested For Open Carry

    This lady walked into a church open carrying and was arrested even though open carry is legal in Wisconsin. It's a short article though. Does anyone know more about this?

    Open Carry Advocate Sues City Of Brookfield - Milwaukee News Story - WISN Milwaukee

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    A couple of stories from back when it happened. I am not sure how this will turn out but she was arrested on a technicality and charges dropped since the arrest was probably illegal.

    Woman wears gun in holster to church - JSOnline

    No charges against woman who brought gun to church - JSOnline

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    just Google: Brookfield, Woman, Gun and you will get several hits with more indepth articles.

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    I met her this month. Nice woman. She is part of a federal suit against the town, police department.

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