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Thread: Investagations of violations of civil rights.

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    Citizens do not have to kiss your a$$ and that is not a violation of any law.
    A big plus one on that!

  3. Cortchubby. Canton officer Harless thinks like you do. He will lose his job, and be sued, lose and have to pay alot of money, and may go to jail, after he is judged by Citizens in court. Not His LT. So Lets watch what he gets. Chicago has 1000s of cops who can hide and foster wrong doing and thinking. power is easy to be misused when the people you swore to protect have no voice in the matter. But be careful when they lose hope they hang bad cops.
    I saw a dead officer who was using his power to scare people and get things and steal from the people he was patroling for. He raped a 16 year old and not a thing was done by the brass. the village rose up and hung him. New police were hired and I got hired as a patrolman, same village. I met with the elders and they were very on guard at first. it took me two years before they supported me. cause of people like you.
    I rose in the ranks fast and was posted as commander by the providence I patroled. when I was alone in a back area I could get a whole village to help me, hunt or rescue or digg a well. Cause I was one of them. you get no support from and do not deserve any support from the people who pay you and your sworn to protect.
    mess up too bad and the people come for you. Harless is seeing that now. we are yelling for him to be fired and sent to jail. The brass can't sleep because we are the heat. We the citizens are screaming for him to be gone. If they don't listen and it gets worse, here the courts and the voting booth gets it done, over there ten men would come for you in the night. drag you out and hang you. you fight back they shoot you and maybe kill your family, not nice but you push and they push back. that badge on your shirt has only the trust of the people you serve to shield you once thats gone its a target. you see the video of cops taking down a man who ran on a soccer field, and started beating him in front of the fans. they went too far and hundreds of people stormed the field and beat up the police officers. thats what happen when you forget your not god! Chubby you ever protect anyone not oppress the people you patroled.
    run in to a burning house, stop someone from bleeding to death, deliver a baby. help a little old lady across the street. I hope you did cause if you never did, The Horror you are is beyond words.
    Did you ever show compassion for a women beaten up by a male. help a lost child, get medical help for a car crash victim. I hope you did. But If You did? did you look down on them? because they were black, poor, or just not cops. is the only person who deserves respect your lT. I am hoping your full of **** and never wore a badge cause you have no idea what it stands for.
    Go suck your LT's thing.

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