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Thread: Any word on WI concealed carry reciprocity with other states?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dustoffuh1 View Post
    not sure if this has been posted yet,, sry I didn't want to go through all 9 pages, but here ya go:
    WI Department of Justice - Law Enforcement Services

    Joe (Mercer WI)
    That only shows the out of state permits/licenses that are good for non-residents in WI. The original poster asked where the WI license would be accepted.

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    Wisconsin Reciprocity Map

  4. We are good to go in about 20 other states. Click on concealed carry maps at the top of the page.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Deadscott View Post
    Until the Wis DOJ compiles it's list this is all speculation.
    The woman I spoke to at the DOJ said they didn't plan on posting a list because the laws change too often.

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    On the home page of USA carry is a link to maps. You click the state you live in and it shows where your permit is valid.
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