CCW application sent off.
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Thread: CCW application sent off.

  1. CCW application sent off.

    After decades of living under communist rules I was finally able to apply for a concealed weapons permit today. In 45 days or less I will finally be able to exercise my second amendment rights.


    As of a few hours ago most people with permits from other States around the US became eligible to carry In Wisconsin RIGHT NOW. Wisconsin accepts both resident and non-resident permits from 25 States. So now you can visit this State without giving up your right to defend yourself and your family with those permits. I believe that that list will continue to grow making Wisconsin's concealed carry law even better.

    Its a great day for Wisconsin residents and visitors alike. Now we need to turn our guns (pun-intended) towards Illinois to break there communist hold on the residents of that state.

    To all that worked for getting a concealed carry in Wisconsin we all thank you. Hopefully we can do the same thing for our friends in Illinois (even though they are bears fans they still have rights :) ).

    We made great progress across America but still have plenty of work to do. I will continue to do whatever I can to fight until all 50 States have constitutional carry and all dumb "Common Sense" Gun laws are removed from the books across America. Well until I die anyways.

    See you in the trenches.
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    I'm right behind you, off this A.M..

  4. Just dropped mine of at the post office as well!

  5. Congratulations to of the residents of Wisconsin.

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    L.A.F. this morning

  7. Mines in the mail. The lady at the post office said she's seen many mailed today.
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    Im extremely happy for all of you welcome finally to CCWing.

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    I have a question for all you WI folks that have completed the training class. I'm from MN and have read through the CCW laws in WI. They seem very similar to those here. My question is regarding businesses that post no weapons allowed. Here in MN they can post the sign, however they must ASK YOU TO leave and you must refuse to leave in order to be charged with a petty mis and a $25.00 fine.

    As I read it in WI, PLEASE tell me if I'm incorrect, you may not carry in the business at all and if you are "caught" you can be charged? Or is it more like MN where they must post and also ask you to leave?


  10. No there posted sign is them asking you to leave. If your are caught it is a ticket right away.

    I personally think Wisconsin dropped the ball on this one. I fell they should have said if a business decides to post they have to either use armed guards or metal detectors to assure the law abiding are not the only ones disarmed. If you are going to demand us to give up our self defense you better make sure EVERYONE is disarmed, not this magical sigh good faith crap. If you don't want to spend the money on the security then don't post. That and as-well as stating if you choose to allow CC you are not liable for that decision it should also state that if you choose to ban CC you ARE liable for that decision. If you ask people to give up there self defense you are then liable for there defense. These are my "common sense" gun laws.

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    Let us know how long it takes to get your permits.

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