Why should I get a Wisconsin CCW if I'm LEOSA legal?
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Thread: Why should I get a Wisconsin CCW if I'm LEOSA legal?

  1. Why should I get a Wisconsin CCW if I'm LEOSA legal?

    Rumour is spreading that you must obtain a Wisconsin CCW license to maintain LEOSA eligibility. News to me. It was made clear to me that LEOSA qualifies you in all of the fifty states to CCW with your credentials and yearly qualification. Now I see Wisconsin DOJ even has a special application for retired Federal LEO's. It's half the price of the regualr permit, but what do I need it for? Thanls for any enlightenment.

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    I had a whole bunch of stuff here, but deleted it. I took pity on the poor LEO and did not feel the need now to let him know I do not feel any need to treat LEO's any differently than the next guy. Sure, I'm sure they write great reports AFTER the crime (99.999% of the time) but a law allowing some of the 2nd A. rights to be restored more fully to one person and not another only by virtue of thier career choice is not appreciated by me.

    The above is much less "to the point" than the original post...
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  4. Thanks for your inteligient and well thought out and courteous response. I actually was looking for an answer to my question. If you think the LEOSA act was "elitist", then that's your perogative. As a matter of fact, the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police wholeheartedly supported Constitutional Carry for Wisconsin. I'm totally against any more Government "hoop's" to jump through to obtain our right's back. As far as "licking boot's", I have never got in the habit. I would certainly avoid doing it anymore if I were you.
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  5. My post wont be any more helpful but as far as why you would maybe WANT to is if HR822 passes you would get the same benefits of LEO permit without the hassle of the yearly re-cert.

    I am not nor never was a leo, but if you find the answer elsewhere please update on here. I am just curious as it does seem odd that Wisconsin does require it if in fact they do.

    Well I fogot about Illinois so you would still want the LEO permit. OPPS

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    Now I thought there were provisions with the WI CCW permit that would streamline future handgun purchases, & maybe a few other things. Not that I need a new gun every week, but it would be nice to forgo the 48 hour wait if you see a good deal(or impulse buy) when on the road within WI.

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    I couldnt find an answer to your question.
    I'm not sure that Wisconsin makes it mantidory that you get your CCW Your LEO Status, as you Stated should more than quaifiy you to Carry.

    Maybe the best approach, would be to call the DOJ and get the Correct information.
    Let us know how it turns out for you.

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    Terry G.

    I would have to think this is a rumor. It would be easier to have a ccw permit as it has a longer duration.
    Wisconsin is in a sorting period, it will probably take a bit to clear up all scenarios. Your superior may have the answer. My boating dock-mate is the Chief of Police in an area city. I know he still has questions to some of this. I know that your LEO allows you to carry in areas the ccw doesn't.

    I don't understand or did I like the elitist comment. The Wisconsin officers have to meet annual training and re-qualification that a normal citizen doesn't. This training far exceeds any the general public gets. I hope that the people who obtain a permit fully understand that their responsibility factor has just increased by a hundred fold.

  9. Well, I seemed to have touched a nerve with tuts40. Hey, I'm just as guy like you that because of my career came under LEOSA. Oh well, a cop hater is a cop hater. Anyway, The answer from my agency is no, LEOSA covered active or retired Officers are not required to do anything more in any state than comply with the LEOSA criteria. The LEOSA compliance is much more stringent because of yearly shooting qualification on an approved course. The benefits from the Wisconsin permit are no yearly requirements at a fifty percent discount. Since I travel a lot, I need to keep my LEOSA credentials current anyway. I think it's going to be quite a while before there are answers to all the questions that are popping up.

  10. Thanks for the update TerryG. If HR822 does pass would you Go with the Wisconsin permit of would you still re-cert every year?

    The way I understand it with your LEOSA not only could you carry in Illinois but you could also disregard all other carry laws. Just wondering if the extra cost and troubles with LEOSA would still be worth it if your Wisconsin permit was good in 49 states.

    Anyways congratulations on not needing Wisconsin's since you have to jump thru enough hoops for your federal license.

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