Not sure how I feel about carry
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Thread: Not sure how I feel about carry

  1. Not sure how I feel about carry

    I know one of my brother's is thrilled. But I'm not sure everything is finalized in the county I live in yet to really allow carrying a concealed gun yet. I'll have to check it out again.

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    Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place to have your questions & concerns addressed. There's a lot of wise & knowledgeable people here. It might help if you could give us more information.

    Where do you live?
    Firearm experience level?
    What are you concerned about?

    Most "uncertain" people are lacking somewhat in their knowledge of firearms; what it means to take on the responsibility of CC; and/or how to get the training you need to be safe.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts. Most people here will bend over backwards to help others.


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    Lots of discussion here!


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    Welcome to the forum. There is alot of good information here, but as tcox4freedom said to help you we need more information. A quick heads up, you should take some kind of firearms class to become more familiar with guns. This WILL help you in many ways. Have a good one and post again.

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    Welcome to the forum....!

    As you have seen the more information you provide the better everyone here can assist you in answering your questions.

    Good luck and Always carry legal..!
    Invest a Day at the Citadel, learn to be safe forever.

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    Welcome to the forum as others have said. Education is always the answer to a question. It sounds as if you have more than just firearm concerns. There are people here from all walks of life that will be more than happy to help you along your quest for knowledge about carry laws and the responsablities that go along with it.

  8. As someone that is new to cc I can tell you that I am loving it. I feel safe and empowered. My kids and husband think it is awesome and are always pleased when I clip it on. I have had mixed reactions from my friends tho. That has been hard to handle. But, I have drawn the line in the sand when it comes to this issue. Good luck with whatever you decide.


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