Iowa resident traveling to Wisconsin.
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Thread: Iowa resident traveling to Wisconsin.

  1. Iowa resident traveling to Wisconsin.

    I have an Iowa resident permit and I will be heading up into Wisconsin on Friday. Is there anything special I should know before crossing state lines. I have never carried out of state before.
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    The one important note that jumps right out at me is that the "No guns allowed" signs in WI businesses carry the weight of law, whereas in Iowa they are merely business "rules". You can be fined for violating that sign in a store, restaurant, etc. there.

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    Just pretty much carry as you want.Some camp grounds have a no carry rule but if there isnt a sign at the enterance of a store or office then your good to go.If you walk in where its posted then you must leave if asked or you could face charge of tresspassing. With CC no one will even notice.

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