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Thread: Ladies - what gun to you carry?

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    Yes and no. Semi-automatic pistols are specified on the back of the permits. Revolvers are not. Any revolver may be carried if the permit was granted initially for a revolver.
    Isn't that a stupid law? My Nevada CCW permit only has one pistol (Para Ord .45 ACP) listed, but all revolvers are allowed. How dumb is that?

    I don't really care though, as the only pistol I carry is the PA. Otherwise, it's a wheel gun for me (95% of the time).

  3. Carry preferences

    Colt 1911 .45, Glock 17. Both. Feel twice as safe.

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    Glock 19

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    My main choice is my 9mm, with 10-rd clip, and two full 10-rd mags on the other side of my belt or in my purse. My secondary, (if I choose to carry 2 sidearms) is my .380, (which I have both 8-rd and 10-rd clips for). Because my husband is also a CPL holder, we can legally interchange our carry choices at will, and he has both a 9mm and a .45. Occasionally, I have carried the .45, but I most often find myself being drawn back to the 9mm. I love it.

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