2009-Wow! What a Year!

Posted by Terri Lee Pocernich on January 1, 2010
As I look back at 2009 I am amazed at how quickly it went by. It seems like just yesterday I was heading down to Florida for something called a S.H.O.T show. I had no idea what that event would start in my life, but it kicked off a series of events that I cannot believe.
It was at S.H.O.T. that I met 2 very important people. The first was Kirstie Pike of Prois Hunting Apparel. We had talked on the phone and I was carrying her line of clothing on my site, but this was our first in person meeting. It was pretty brief as we were both going in different directions but we really hit it off as we knew we would, much like our first phone call months earlier. (That conversation was not brief by any means.)
The second person I met there was Barbara Baird of the WON. Barbara and I were involved in a meeting that encouraged mentor/mentee relationship. They would help us get paired up with the person we needed. Within a few days we decided on our own that we would work together well and she would mentor me. She added me to her line of “Bag Ladies” (Now the Gear Court). I had not ever planned on writing articles or gear reviews but she encouraged me and I got my start there.
Along the way I had surgery and some major down time. I wanted to continue to promote my business so I decided to try some social networking. Twitter to be exact. There, I found some very important contacts and friends.
I met Kevin Paulson of HuntingLife.com who was looking for a female pro staffer and ended up on his pro staff. I met Mike “Hawk” Huston, from Journey with RedHawk and his wife Stacey with A Focus on the Wild and her beautiful photography. There were lots of others, too numerous to mention, and they have all helped promote me along the way. It was one of the best tools I have found to promote business, along with face book and several other more hunting specific sites.
I also met Joey Brunner from Wisconsin Outdoors Network. He called me and we chatted about some business things he was doing. While we chatted he mentioned the “Battle of the B.O.W.” contest the network was doing. There would be 30 2 person teams to start. They would have to get sponsors to be in the contest. 10 teams would end up on a video. He asked if I would get a team together and I did. I talked HuntingLife into sponsoring us, along with CampWildGirls.com. Within a few months the entire contest would morph and we would now be involved in hunting reality show to be aired on the Sportsman Channel. Wow who would have ever thought. Me on a hunting show.
As Babbs and I continued to talk through the next few months, she continually encouraged me. I started my blog on Skinnymoose. I updated my site and started writing more.
Babbs also told me about about an event called Team Huntress. I knew that this outing would be something I didn’t want to miss out on and I somehow finagled my way into attending the event.
Team Huntress Family

This was to be one of the best weekends of the year. Kirstie and Babbs were both there, as well as Mike and Stacey. Add Anne Vinola from Annie Got Her Gun, Lynn Pankey from Real Tree, Holly Heyser from NorCal Cazadora, and it was like I had died and gone to Heaven. Top it off with Jane Keller from Team Huntress and Dave Olsen from Pheasant Phun and I was over the top!
Amongst all of this chaos, I was traveling between Ashland, Wisconsin, and various towns in Louisianna with a not quite 2 year old. It was a 2-3 day trip each way in my truck, just to spend a week or two at a time with my husband.
Mid July we started filming b roll footage for Battle of the Bow as well as scouting and setting up tree stands.
CampWildGirls.com was going to host the Aug. event for the Team Huntress, to be held in Wisconsin but logistics of the range did not allow it and we moved it back to South Dakota and Pheasant Phun, an 8 hour drive from home. I attended and took my good friend Amy Sharp from Jaskar Outdoors. I shot some great footage at that event! (Oh yeah, now I am filming too!).
Mid September brought about archery season and filming. Every chance we could we were in a tree trying to get the elusive Split-tine buck whom we were seeing on camera on a daily basis.
My July “Woman of the Wild” Tanya Poppe also went on a special hunt, that I could not miss filming. I travel 1 ½ hours each way for what was started out to be, a 3 day hunt. I made four trips back and forth, to film the continuation of that saga. (It was something I would do again, and again, though Tanya!)

End of September thru mid October arrived and I am helping do the work on the two decks that we are adding to the house, along with putting up all of the wood and baiting some of the stands and checking trail cameras. I also continue to take care of the website updating and the ordering. Now just for good measure, and just in case I didn’t have enough to do, I decide to insulate the attic by myself. (What in the hell was I thinking?).
Mid October brought another trip down to Ellsworth for the Battle of the B.O.W. and the mid season wrap up. We did some interviews and have a group outing. It is a 4 hour drive there with a two year old, and 4 hours back.
Right after returning the pre rut begins and we are hunting even harder than before, right through mid Nov and the peak of the rut. I finally take down a 9 pt. leaving only one day to spare in the “Battle”.
This is just so happens, to be 2 days before “Holy week in Wisconsin” otherwise known as Rifle Season. I cram in getting the orange hunting clothing ready for myself and my husband, cook some food for both camps (no we do not hunt together), and get the 2 year old ready for Oma and Opa’s.
I know some of you gals are thinking, can’t he get himself ready for season? The poor guy has been working 6 days a week, 10 hour days and then driving 3 ½ hours home on Saturday nights to see us, only to turn around and drive 3 ½ hours back on Sunday just to be to work on Monday. This will be his only time off until breakup and I felt sorry for him.

9 days of rifle season whizzes by and hubby heads back to work. I process 2 deer.
Christmas shopping and preparations began immediately and more wood needed to be added to the basement so we will stay warm for winter. Christmas comes and goes and The Battle of Bow series starts. So does the endless task of getting people to vote and watch the show.
I make one more trip to Ellsworth for final interviews and recaps. I am lucky enough to make this trip alone and I am thinking it will be the last one for now.
As I am sitting here writing all of this, looking back at how life and my business has evolved. I finally realize why I was too tired to go out tonight!
It has been a very fun, interesting, and exhausting year, filled with excitement and hard work. I can only hope that 2010 will be less eventful.
Let see, interview for TV program on Saturday, and a radio interview on Monday. I am leaving on the 7th for an elk hunt in Utah. The Camp Wild Girls “Hunting Parties” start the end of January…
OK maybe not.

Copyright 2010, reprinted with permission