For Everyone who Simultaneously Carries Small Children and Hand Guns
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Thread: For Everyone who Simultaneously Carries Small Children and Hand Guns

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    Carrying a Gun and a Baby

    Great youtube video by a mom, showing a few ways to safely carry both a baby and a gun.

    My biggest issue with this video was the mom's position of the baby in a sling as she draws: the baby ends up in front of her body as the mom draws her pistol and then aims to the front of her with both hands, placing and the baby directly in the line of fire. Yikes!

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    I would also be worryed the young uns ear drums would get blasted if the gun was fired that close

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    You mean when compared to the possible alternatives?
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    My youngest is about to turn 3, though I have a 2yo grandbaby that I carry around a bit too. I wear my gun in the small of my back, very accessible but not in the way of either carrying the child in front or on hip, or being able to pull my gun if I had to. Since I shoot equally well with right or left hand, or with either hand singly, I would not give a thought to having to put the child down first, other than perhaps if there were cover handy for their safety.

    As expressed already, I would give a micron of thought to cover their ears. I shot my 9mil in the open, not at range a while back, and forgot my hearing protectors. The sound of that gun going off made my ears ring for a minute or so afterward. I would be concerned for baby ears, indeed!

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    Well...just in case SHTF and you have a baby in your arms for that one moment, it will just happen once, won't it? There might be a good chance that the baby's ears will ring only for a little while too like ours do when we forgot our hearing protector...Unless one lives in a really bad area...young children heals easier.
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