Women and Revolvers
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Thread: Women and Revolvers

  1. Women and Revolvers

    I'm curious as to why when a woman asks what a good gun would be for her, guys always say Revolver as if it's the only thing we are capable of shooting? I've only ever shot one handgun, and it was a Sccy CPX-1 9mm semi auto. I have no problems shooting it, and now i'm looking into getting my own gun. Just curious about women and revolvers. Thanks!

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    I make my recommendations based on what the individual intends to use the firearm for, along with other factors. I treat men and women equally, don't believe that there's such thing as a "lady's gun" and will make appropriate recommendations regardless of gender.

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    My wife carries a Glock, I carry a revolver. I hate Glocks and she hates revolvers.

    I think people recommend revolvers for ladies because revolvers are good if you're not a "gun person", and guys assume the lady doesn't want to be a gun person. If you're not a gun person (i.e. you're not going to practice a lot, you don't study and collect guns, you carry a gun for self-protection but don't love guns), then a revolver is probably the better choice. Less chance of messing something up in the heat of the moment. A non-gun person would likely hit the mag release under stress or forget to take off a safety, both non-issues with a revolver.

    Non-gun people will also not likely clean their guns often, which is less of an issue with a revolver.

    I am a gun person, but for some reason I just love revolvers. Maybe because when I was a kid I had a metal toy gun revolver, so it feels right to me. Revolvers feel like guns to me. Glocks feel like toys to me.

    I'm competent with a semi-auto, my first carry gun was a S&W 910, but I just love revolvers.

    I have a rule though that both my wife and I have to put in SOME range time with every gun in the house. I shoot a little with hers, she shoots a little with mine. We keep all of 'em loaded (and hidden) all over the house, never know who's going to be closest to which gun if some scumbag kicks in the door. We also keep flashlights next to every gun.

    I usually carry my revolver holstered at home too. I have it on my hip right now, loaded, with a speedloader pouch nearby.

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    Just because a revolver is functionally "simpler" than a semi-auto, doesn't make it any more of a ladies gun than any other firearm. To assume that a lady must "love guns" before being able to cope with a mechanical safety, is silly. Personal preference is one thing, and gender bias is another. You don't have to love guns in order to carry one, but if you carry without being proficient with your chosen firearm, you're a fool....male or female.

    The age-old "trade-off" in handguns is especially applicable to the ladies..... short barrel, light weight, only 5 or 6 rounds equals much more perceived recoil. REGARDLESS OF GENDER. That being said, anyone can learn to shoot any caliber, as well as learn to shoot either a revolver, or a semi-auto. If the safety is that much of an issue, consider a double action only semi auto..... same basic function (point and pull the trigger) but you get 4 more rounds..... Just sayin' ..... the Para Ordinance LDA series has a double-action trigger that is far superior to ANY out-of-the-box revolver.

    Shoes...... when you buy 'em, you try 'em on first...... if they don't feel good, you don't buy 'em..... if they feel good, and you buy 'em, chances are that you still might need to break in the shoes, and your feet.

    Guns..... try 'em on first...... if they don't feel good, you don't buy 'em......... if they feel good, and you buy 'em, chances are that you still might need to break in the gun, and your abilityto use it.....

    Buying a handgun simply because someone else has one is just foolish. If there were a "best" handgun, we'd all own it, and there wouldn't be the huge selection of handguns to choose from.

    Hey lady........

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    I was never asked by a lady about" what is a good carry weapon"-but I had asked a friend of mine why she chose a revolver ( taurus .38 ulta light ) she said...with a semi auto---if it jammed on her,she didnt know if she could fight off her aggressor...as with a revolver----she knows with confidence that it will fire every time!!!!

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    I would recommend a revolver as a first handgun for anyone, man or woman. After you're proficient with it and have learned all the basics then move on to a semi-auto if you're so inclined. Otherwise, there's too much to take in all at once. There are drawbacks to a revolver:
    1. usualy less rounds than a comparable size auto
    2. a BG up close can grab the cylinder and stop it from rotating
    3. All shots are going to be double-action unless you have time to cock it
    4. Slower reloading unless you have speed loaders
    But there are advantages too:
    1. No jamming/ejection issues to clear
    2. If a round doesn't go off pulling the trigger again moves to the next round

    Are there other pros and cons?
    Avidshooter (Texas)
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    --mine functions as a club after it runs out of ammo.
    --Revolvers don't leave brass at the scene. Nice and tidy, and, um, environmentally sound!
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    Of all the ladies I know who shoot, few of them carry concealed, and those are the ones who train with any regularity...

    I'm not saying every male trains, because this is a lie, but what I am about to say is based off of my interactions with women shooters.

    I have found that the majority will carry a firearm more for safety then anything else (shooting sports, hunting, etc). Of those, very few train with the firearm, a revolver is simply the easiest for them to use... The ergonomics are usually not an issue, most are in .38 or .357 which can be loaded with .38, which is a reasonable round to shoot.

    As mentioned above, if it fails to fire, squeeze the trigger again till it does...

    a semi auto requires more manipulation if you have a mis-feed, and if you do not practice often, when the "Bad Situation" occurs is the worst time to be fumbling with a semi-auto...

    Also, most female want smaller guns that fit their hands better... I fund that most women like a Kahr sized pistol... But along with that is that the Kahr, among other pistols, can have a very heavy slide, and women can often struggle with this...

    It is not saying that a women can not manipulate a semi-auto, but if they are serious about doing so, they need to take the time to practice, and find ways to do so if difficulty is found.

    I encourage EVERYONE to practice, man or women, it just happens that the physique of a man gives them the strength advantage of manipulating a slide...

    All that being said, even I have trouble with the Kahr slides, especially if new...

    A favorite of many women in a semi auto is a GLOCK 19 (9mm Compact).

    If your willing to train regularly with whatever you choose, it's a mute point...

    Find something in a caliber you can shoot accurately, and something that ergonomically fits YOU, not someone else...


    " I carry a gun because cops are too heavy" ~ Unknown

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    If you are a stranger or aquaintance and you are asking me this, I will assume you have no other person around you to show you how to shoot or spend time at the range with you. If that is the case, a non lightweight revolver is the least maintnance, least moving parts, least things to worry about shooter to have. I always cap off my advise with "weight is your friend" in dealing with felt recoil. If that question is being asked then I have to assume you have little gun knowledge/experience or you would have been out and tried a few or would have asked other women what they shoot and why. My wife is small and shoots a 1911 .45, I know what yall are capable of, but if that question is being asked, I have to assume you don't know what you are capable of shooting comfortably.

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    I recomend that everyone carry Glocks reguardless of gender. That being said I think anyone who carries a handgun on a regular basis should be familiar with as broad of a selection of handguns as practical. That includes both revolvers and semi-autos. It's simialar to the military's principle of "fam-firing" weapons that the soldier or marine is likely to come into contact with, even if they are not issued by the U.S. military.

    To sum up, carry a Glock, but try to be familiar with all of the lesser handguns out their.

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