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Another important point that was mentioned is that price shouldn't be the main deciding factor when purchasing a firearm. An extremely low priced firearm may be of very poor quality and could fail when it matters the most. I recommend that people purchasing a gun for SD buy a quality firearm made by a manufacturer with a proven track record. If all you can afford is a few hundred dollars, maybe a pre-owned quality gun would be right for you. If you want to purchase something new, then save your money for a couple of months until you have enough to purchase a quality firearm.

A Police trade-in is usually a good value. Law enforcement agentcies usually buy good quality firearms, although there have been some exceptions. Law enforcement agentcies usually buy in a large enough quantity that they can easily send back any lemmons. And most importantly, a pistol carried by a law enforcement officer is usually maintained by a factory certified armormer.

As an example, I am partial to the Glock line of pistols. The Glock is issued by, NYPD, FBI, ICE, SLED, and most law enforcement agentcies in SC that piggy-back off of SLED. Because of Glock's heavy market penetration to the law enforcement comunity, police trade-ins are comman. A police trade-in Glock typically retails for $100 less than a new one.