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  1. Quote Originally Posted by andiewrites View Post
    The article's done now
    I'd love to read it, Andie! :)

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    The ignorance of a few with a pen in there hand creates the stupidity of many who believe what they read

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    I would also like to see this article. Do you plan to share with us?


  5. The article won't be printed for another two months (glossy magazines are a very slow process) and I'm not sure if it will appear automatically online, but I will find a way to scan it in so that people can read it, possibly by putting it on a blog and sending a link.

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    Thank you for the reply. I will watch for the link.


  7. Thanks, AndieWrites!

  8. Update, Andi?

  9. The mag is out, and copies are being sent to all the interviewees who came to our shoot - I can't put it online at the moment for copyright reasons, but am hoping one of the girls will be able to scan it in (hey, I can't stop them!) Working on it...

  10. Never mind.
    A net friend in New Zealand found the online edition. He sent it to me.

    It was (in my opinion) leaning pretty "anti" throughout and sounded like Americans (women who carry, in particular) are paranoid rather than safety conscious and responsible. So I guess I'm sort of glad not to be mentioned. It focused on "open carry" (of which I'm not an advocate, so maybe that's one reason why. I have nothing against it, I just prefer concealed for myself...but wholeheartedly support anyone who OCs.)

    It didn't escape my attention that one of the first things you wrote in regards to being here in the states and seeing "open carry" in a coffee shop was "And many of the women here are homely looking mothers with pushchairs or toddlers in tow."
    It also didn't escape my attention that none of the women depicted in photographs would be considered "fit". MAYBE the 19 year old...borderline.
    So what does that do to us, "stereotypically" speaking?
    American women with guns are fat homely moms with nothing better to do than hang out at Starbucks?
    Not only that, you played the Melanie Hain card. And did so without mentioning that her husband was a cop. If you didn't know the story (which I'm assuming most people in the UK do not), it basically feels like "she got murdered by a gun in the house only because SHE owned one".
    VERY disappointed.
    It's here starting on page 94:

  11. http://netnemesis.org/misc/UK Marie ...na Cordani.pdf

    here it is. I haven't read it yet.

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