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Thread: Good Full Sized Carry Handbag/Purse ?

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    Coronado Leather makes some really good ones for concealed carry. My wife has a couple now and had another one she used for a number of years. They are not normally what I would call cheap but some times they have close outs and sales that make them reasonable.
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  3. I'll check these out.

    I played with Kathleen's Gun Totin' Mamas purse a bit, flipping her knife, tactical flashlight and other items from vertical to horizontal and back. Seems things in the purse can pull the leather tight, making a draw of the gun difficult.

    It occured to me that we aren't limited to "gun purses," if we see a bag we like. It wouldn't be hard to cut the appropriate sized piece of stiff backing, say Kydex or even heavy leather, then attach holster and maybe even speedloader/magazine holders to this "insert." That should provide secure carry in just about any bag.
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    I purchased a great full-sized purse from Coronado Leather a few years ago and really like it ( Galco also carries some, but they are a little pricey for me.

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    A coach messenger bag is a great way to conceal, and yes I carry one sometimes.

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    I want a bag that will match my shoes.

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