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Thread: New Gun for wife any thoughts

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    Ladies gun

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    my wife is looking at a p238 in .380 for a general cc. Mostly for carrying at home since we live on a number of acres off a distance from a main road and is sometimes home alone when i travel. Any thoughts.
    my advice is a lady smith model 642, easy to hide, easy to carry, easy to fire in the case of an emergency.

    For target practice use target loads, for self defense use gold dot hollow points or federal hydra shocks.

    You and she cannot go wrong with that combination.

    Her body shape will determine how to carry it.

    Pat olvey
    email [email protected]

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    two of 642 or 442

    Carry with two on your person or one on person and keep one in a gun vault bolted to a secure location, key coded, for easy access. Carry them hot, at 12oz they are not that heavy. A-Holster for inside a pocket carry is a great way to carry or galco summer holster IWB. salut,wm

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    bought my-self the pro mill. 9mm as well.was my favorite till the wife tried it now it her

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    I bought my wife the Bersa Thunder .380 Deluxe and she love it, it shoots lights out plus with the extended 9 round magazine it fits my hand a lot better than the Bersa .380 7rd. magazine. I change out between carrying my Bersa Thunder 9mm, CZ 75B 9mm and Springfield 1911 A1 .45 they all shoot great. My wife keeps the Bersa .380 in her purse while the Bersa 9mm is in the trucks console when she on a trip or has to go to the store by herself.

    Chickasaw/Choctaw Indian

  6. I've got a Bersa Thunder 40 Cal Ultra compact and I love it. The .380 is a great little one as well.

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    The Springfield EMP is a much better choice.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    my beautiful wife loves the 1911

    S/A 1911 custom built pistol with 185gr JHP handload for carry is what she loves to use for carry, home and at the range. wm

  9. IMHO find a place that rents guns, and has a range. Let her try everything she wants to try. My wife knew what she wanted, but willingly tried a number of others. When she tried a Ruger LCR for fun, suddenly the Glock was out of the running. She loves her LCR. We also live way out in the country, and a 20 gauge pump is her backup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurusfan11 View Post
    bought my-self the pro mill. 9mm as well.was my favorite till the wife tried it now it her
    Funny how women stake claim to stuff that was ours and we just say, "well, OK".

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    I had to chuckle at the thread title "A new gun for my wife"...

    I like my wife quite a bit, so it would take a really great gun for me to make the trade...I really can't think of one. may return to serious discussion now...

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