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Thread: Does your girlfriend/wife have her permit

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    Wife carries a M&P 9c and I just bought her a S&W revolver 38S pecial. And she wants more. Its getting to the point where it may be cheaper to get a divorce.

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    My wife spent 4 years active duty USMC. When I started talking bout getting my CHP, she wanted hers as well. She has a Glock 19 but it is a bit bulky for we just ordered Firestorm .380s (we each get our own) from the Base Exchange --no sales tax! -- and are waiting for them to come in. Hoping she is more comfortable with that...not sure what holster will work...going to try the Cell Pad IWB for her. She is thinking a CC purse/bag but I want to avoid that...risk of being separated from the bag/purse by any number of reasons....

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    Am I the first girl to respond to this? Lol. I have my license (as its called in NH) and it was my idea. I've wanted a pistol for awhile now (esp after I got divorced), it took a little convincing and practice from the new man to get me used to them. Now I'm in love

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    Not yet because she really hasn't found a gun she feels comfortable carrying...until now. She really likes the S&W Bodyguard .380

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    Wife and I took the class together. We have Oregon and Utah
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  7. I got my wife a 380 Bersa but it was to complicated with the safety and the decocker so I got her a 38 +P revolve. Now all she has to do is point and squeeze.
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    yep, the gf has her's. she got it the same time i did. i asked her if she wanted to, and low and behold she had said yes.. she still dont like guns as much as i do, but hey atleast she can shoot and carry.

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    My wife has her permit but almost never carries. I carry quite frequently. She has this idea that a BG will take the gun from her.....Annoys me. I just pray that nothing happens when she is un armed.

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    My wife has her own License To Carry Firearms, and her own Beretta, a Cougar in .45 ACP. Her idea on both. Although she carries frequently, she does not carry all the time.
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    Looks like Bob disappeared on us along with all his post's, do you think he was just gathering information on everyone?

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