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Thread: Does your girlfriend/wife have her permit

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    My wife is a former Marine. You bettcha she has a permit. Her "purse gun" is a Ruger SP-101, 2 1/4" bbl, .357 mag; and she knows how to use it.

    All I gotta do is say the word "range" and she's loading up the Jeep.

    She really likes my .45 ACP's at the range, but prefers the .357mag as her personal defense weapon.

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    Great! What does she think of the loger, heavier trigger pull of a revolver vs a semi-auto?

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    Yes she does. Didn't take any convincing.
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  5. My wife has hers carries 642 pink grips so I won't borrow it. Open carries a S&W 357 when we go into the woods.

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    Wife has her permit. She has 3 guns. The one she packs most is her new LCR. Packing is my default state. She carries now and then. One of my two daughters (NY) has her permit, one of three sisters (NY) has her permit. One of 3 nieces (also in NY) has her permit.


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    Wifey has hers... and a SP101 .357 that makes her smile when she shoots it!

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    I was the one who brought up getting a FOID to my husband years ago. We just recently both got our PA permits.
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    I have mine and my husband doesn't. While he will shoot occasionally with me, it just isn't for him.

  10. The wife has one. Getting our CCW seemed like a fun thing to do as a couple, so we bought a pair of guns and did that. She has a criminal justice degree, but isn't using it, so she's had some interest. I'd never fired a handgun before, but used to shoot rifles 20 some years ago.

    We don't get out much to shoot right now as she's been too busy, but looking forward to going out to the range again later on this year!

    Does bring up one point. She ended up with one of the smaller S&W M&P 9mm. Fits her hand great, works very well for her, except for one problem. It's a bear to rack the thing. It's nearly impossible for her, and I struggle with it too. Smallish gun, stiff spring, small gripping surface, and it's slippery. Had a couple local NRA Instructors as well as LEOs advise us on technique, but it's a simple lack of brute force issue. Bigger stronger people than us struggle with it too! Any ways to make it more usable for her? I don't like the fact that I have to rack it for her each time (not to mention I've already had one slip while racking that tore a chunk of skin off a finger)...

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    Wife has a permit, two guns, a shoulder holster and a carry purse. If I had a girlfriend who carried, I sure wouldn't the two to meet - that could be very hazardous to my health!

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