Does your girlfriend/wife have her permit
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Thread: Does your girlfriend/wife have her permit

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    Does your girlfriend/wife have her permit


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    My wife has her permit and it was her idea. She has shot since she was a young girl and claims to be a better shot than I, but of course, I disagree. I won't get into who is better when we shot together.

  4. My wife is a retire CO what do you think???

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    Absolutly. No convincing necessary.
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    Im with everybody else. It was her idea all the way. And now my 20 year old daughter is expressing intrest in obtaining her permit in a year or two as well. A family that ccws just plain sweet!

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    Wife has her permit... her idea
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    My wife has hers. It was my idea..."in case she ever has to drive the truck and the gun is in it"...even tho legally she'd be exempted from that even if she didnt have her license...there is always be that "one" LEO that doesnt know that law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Loblaw View Post
    How about it folks, who here among us has taken the time to get your girlfriend or spouse trained.

    Did you have to convince her, or was it her idea ?

    ... and more importantly, what color did she duracoat it.

    My wife to a cc class almost two years ago; because I wanted her to feel more comfortable with firearms. Not only has she been carrying ever since, she has gone to get additional training over the last two years. (She even assists a couple of instructors on a regular basis.)

    She also has bought more guns and ammo in that time frame than I have; and spends more time at the range; where she can easily hit bowling pins at 50yrds with both her PCW and her 380bug. (Yes; she's a better shot.)

    NO; there are not any powder coated "pink" guns around here. (My woman is my "black" gun baby.)

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    My g/f has hers after I suggested it to her about a year ago.
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    Wife is Gov't trained..
    She decided she wanted to get her permit after I got mine..
    She carries whenever she is out and happy with her P238 (all Black)..
    She has added a good .22 Plicker pistol to our list of wants.. Thinking about the Neos or the KelTek 30 round pistol. We will probably go with the Neos as the KelTek is a .22 Magnum.

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