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Thread: Ladies, How Do You Carry?

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    This is my carry purse. It isn't specifically a concealed carry purse but it has a hidden zippered pocked in the back which holds my .38 snugly next tommy hip.

  3. I carry a Kimber 45 Ultra Crimson Carry II in a Fobus OWB holster. I layer clothing & yes, in warmer weather I'll have to be more conscious of how well I'm concealing. But the holster is very comfortable & holds my Kimber securely while still being an easy draw. I also have a Galco suede IWB holster that I had a bit of leather added to better secure my weapon. I did find it more difficult to draw from than the Fobus, but it concealed more easily. I do plan to try out a shoulder rig of some sort, any suggestions?

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    I use the Galco Miami rig. It's great but it's pricey.
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  5. I have different holsters for the different ways I dress. When I carry my N=Beretta Nano I use either my Remora, my Flashbang, my Ultra Tech compression shirt or my PJ's holster. I also have a Glock 19 and a Remora and a PJ's kydex and my compression shirt. I also have a .38 that I carry in a Remora or a Flashbang. I find that I use the Remora as a grab and go, but if I am on my motorcycle I use the Nano and the comopression shirt, dress pants usually the PJ's and if I have to wear a skirt then usually the flashbang. I do have a purse but I never use it. I am too nervous that I will put it some where and forget it. I like to have the gun on me.

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