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Thread: Ladies, How Do You Carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yrose View Post
    I need to buy an actual gun purse for the occasional time I store it there. I don't care to do that often, because I've been known to leave it unattended. I want to try a Crossbreed or Galco supertuck. I just hate to spend the money on something and then not like it. That's why I'm looking at those two, because of the great reviews.
    Try a kholster Kholster . The holster is very similar to the Crossbreed and Jimmy offers a 90-day no questions money back warranty. Even if you trim on it to customize it to your needs/tastes the warranty remains good. If you don't like it, send it back during the warranty period and get your money back. I doubt that you'll take advantage of the warranty, though. I carry a Rock Island Armory 1911CSP and my daughter carries a Kel-Tec P11 in one and it is about as comfortable a holster as any I've seen.

  3. Well I am a newbie here but wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. I carry a Ruger LCP 380 with Crimson Trace Laser in my waist all the time. It is so small and light I can wear it while jogging in my tank and shorts. I also carry my Bersa Thunder 380 in cooler weather when I have on heavier workout clothes or jeans.
    Then of course I keep my Lady Smith 9mm in my truck between my seat and console where I can get my hands on it pronto quick if needed.
    I have other handguns that will probably do the job faster but if it is not comfy enough for me to carry all the time regardless of what I am wearing, it is not going to do me much good.
    Learn to shoot accuratley in stessful situations. That is key... If you can put those rounds where you need to, then it doesn't matter if it is a 380 critical defense or something much larger with more stopping power. Keeping it zipped up in your purse and especially with a childproof latch won't help you when you have ony seconds to react.

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    Thanks for the information on the holsters I'll be looking into them. I also have a Colt Goverment 380, but unless I practice point and shoot the sites on that gun are horrible. I've been offered a trade for a Sig P238, but just not sure, they (gun range/store) jumped really quick when they saw it.

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    How old is the colt goverment 380,is it in good shape,does it have origanal papers and case and such?
    You might wanna look into what the price is for your paticular model.dealers/shops dont jump that quick for nothing.theres a reason behind it.
    I bought a shorty40 for alot cheaper than they should have sold it for.i decided i wanted to put that one away after i found out the history on it.I went back to the same shop a week or 2 later to buy another for concealed,and they bugged me about buying back.for a couple of months they bugged the time,I bought it for 640 or so,but was worth near definately check yours out first.

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    i read recently that someone is making a kind of neckless holster for north american arms mini-revolvers. as i understand it the gun is out of sight, ah, well anyway. im trying not to offend anyone or make jokes. a friend of mine likes the mini-revolvers and asked if any ladies either have experiance with these holsters. i said i would ask. any honest feed-back is appreciated.

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    It depends on what I'm wearing. My main carry pistol is a Sig P232 (.380). Around the house (often in sweats) I have a Smart Carry I wear. Out and about, I have a Comp-tac kydex IWB holster I wear at ten o'clock (I'm a leftie). If the waistline of my outfit is snug, I wear a Deep Conceal shoulder rig (cross carry) that puts it up on the right side below my arm. For times I also want to carry a back-up, or if the clothing is impossible for concealment, I have a purse from Gun Toten Mamas that fits either my Sig or my Taurus 709 Slim (9mm). I much prefer to carry on-body because of the possibility of being separated from one's purse (accidentally or by force). It does have reinforcing wire in the strap to prevent it from being cut off by a thief. I also have a leather High Noon IWB holster for the Taurus. My husband finally understands -- holsters are like shoes: you can never have too many!

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    I bought my wife a Kel-tec PF-9 with a Crimson Trace laser. She doesn't have her CCW yet so she can't carry, but when she does, I know she'll start out in her purse. She's not going to go along with switching purses for a gun purse. What do I get her to hold it in place in a pocket of her present purse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by weekendskp View Post
    I bought my wife a Kel-tec PF-9 with a Crimson Trace laser. She doesn't have her CCW yet so she can't carry, but when she does, I know she'll start out in her purse. She's not going to go along with switching purses for a gun purse. What do I get her to hold it in place in a pocket of her present purse?
    You can order a pocket holster for her. Carrying in a none gun purse can be risky. Make sure she carries it in a compartment that has nothing in it but the firearm.


  10. My wife and I are waiting for our license, but she has the ruger lcp, its awesome so light and powerful. Im actually considering getting one too simply because of the size. She wants to carry in a purse, but im gonna get her a iwb holster also. Its too far if its in a purse thats usually zipped or closed IMO.

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    My sister is 5'5 and she has a pair of 45's go figure

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