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Thread: Ladies, How Do You Carry?

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    My Sig 1911 and my S&W snubbie both have IWB holsters from Crossbreed. Very comfy and I hardly even realize they're there. For times when I don't have a waistband, like a sundress, I have a Sig P238 and a thigh holster from Chick Holsters which is surprisingly comfortable. :)

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    I carry a full-size 9mm (Smith & Wesson M&P) in my purse made by Gun Tote'n Mamas (Gads, that spelling drives me crazy- shouldn't it be totin'?) and I love it. I carry it cross-body, and I don't worry about losing it or getting it stolen, because I'm not careless enough to leave my purse sitting where anyone could grab it. Ever. Not even for a second. Most on-the-body holsters simply don't work for me, so the gun purse is a great solution. The only time I carry any other way is when we're camping- then I use a gun pouch I got locally; Lunar Concealed Carry Pouch It looks like a regular utility bag. My husband wound up getting one for himself, he liked mine so much. :)

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    CZ 75 9mm in my Gun Tote'n Mamas purse most of the time. Outside the waste band tight fitting leather in the winter when wearing long sweaters or jackets.

  5. Has anyone tried a SmartCarry concealed holster--I have been wanting to purchase one for quite a while now, but
    haven't taken the plunge yet...?

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    I carry IWB on side for my Glock 27, and Taurus 9mm. I use a desantis holster and both of these guns fit nicely in the same holster. If I carry my "Barbie gun" (it's a rasberry colored 380 with a crimson trace.) In a pocket holster as a pocket carry. Even though circumstances would make a purse carry more convenient sometimes, I am just not a fan of off the body carry for several reasons . Mainly I don't like the Idea of having my gun stolen with the purse.

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    My gal carries either her Kahr 380 in breast cancer pink in a leather holster in the pant with clip just toward center of right hip, or her Colt Pony 380 in a Sticky holster.
    Sticky Holsters - Redefining Concealment

    She wears her gun ALWAYS with complete conceal and comfort.

  8. I am also interested in how ladies carry as I am new to carrying. My husband recently got me a Ruger LCP 380 and we have ordered the Crossbreed Minituck based on the reviews. Though I will more than likely carry on my body, I am also interested in gun purses for those times when on-the-body carry just won't work. I would like to find a purse that is fashionable as well as functional to carry.

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    Tuckable IWB. Love it. Some off body carry when not wearing pants. :)

  10. Hey new to the forums. Just saw this thread and wondered if any of you ladies had tried out a Raven Concealment holster IWB. I gave my fiancee a Springfield Armory XD9 sub compact a couple years ago and she has finally decided she wants to carry. I ordered her a pink Raven Phantom and some IWB soft loops but the more I read it seems like most of the women are running crossbreeds. So my question is... should I go ahead and order a crossbreed or has anybody had luck with a phantom?

  11. Hi! I am new to the forum scene also. I found this thread and was very excited to share my thoughts. I carry my Springfield XD sub-compact in an ECS-Hybrid. It's very similar to the Croosbreed, but it seems to be more durable and cost a little less. Here is where you can find them : ECS-Hybrid - $49.99 : Extreme Concealment Systems.

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