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Thread: Ladies, How Do You Carry?

  1. just bought an IWB holster from my springfield XD-S single stack their original holster..waiting for their professional line. carrying at 1-2 o'clock for's more comfortable when i am sitting.

  3. Pocketbooks were invented by men to keep women from ruling the world. You spend so much time trying to keep up with the thing that world domination is impossible. Body carry and rule the world!

  4. I, too, suggest on body if possible, but when the situation or clothing will not allow, I have an insert that velcros into my purse. (This allows me to move it from purse to purse as I need). The insert has has loops sewn into it that the clip on my holster catches on. My gun is always on top, at the ready, in the same spot. This insert was only like $15 (with the holster and metal clip). They come in different sizes to fit different purses (I picked a medium size one so it fits in all my purses with a little velcro sewn into my purse liner). I picked it up at a local gun show at a vendor that sold all those high dollar gun purses. I do suggest practice drawing and shooting from the purse. But I love it. And the holster that came with it is my everuday holster. The metal belt clip is asjustable from left to right side so I can carry in my pant line, outside my belt, and for leftovers and righties.

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    I'm purse carrying, since I wear dresses to work. I've got a purse by Coronado Leather that I absolutely love!

  6. My lovely bride carries her kahr p380 in a desantis summer heat IWB, when she purse carries the same holster clips right into a inside pocket in her purse. It fits nice and snug, real easy access.

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    I am finding new kind of concealment: using fabrics that wrap around the torso ... but would be awkward for women because of our bazooms getting in the way! I don't use a belt so what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satndoll53 View Post
    I don't use a belt so what to do?
    I suggest start wearing a good gun belt for concealed carry with an "Old Faithful Holster" for reasons of accessibility and stability. Google it, they are inexpensive for some assembly required. they're Pretty comfortable and can conceal just almost any handgun out there very well even with the shirt tucked in if u know how. I did have to unholster in the car once on a long drive though. it's an inside the waist band (IWB) holster that provides a few different options and is adjustable for ride height and cant . The only other carry method I've tried was an OWB. Both worn in the small of the back. Which was comfortable, stable, and accessible, but a little more difficult to conceal because my gun has a 5" barrel. So I mostly wore it open. There are options for carryin the thigh and ankle,around the stomach and even in a bra. Google bra holster. But chances are u will just have to try out a few for a while to find one that suits you and your wardrobe. Good luck.

  9. Has anyone tried the bra holster? It's intriguing in theory but I was wondering what it was like in reality.

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    I carry a hip holster for my nine. 2 o'clock

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    Gosh NO! I hate bras as it is. Can't think of adding a holster for a gun.

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