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Thread: Ladies, How Do You Carry?

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    i have a crossbreed supertuck at 3;30 carrys really really well and comfortable i don't know it's there for the most part put it on and forget about it unless of course i may need it...........
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    Buying holsters should not be this hard... but for me it is - I have an LCP and Sig P938, I just want comfortable. I just hope at the next gun show I will find the one! Well 2 :)

  4. I carry a ruger lcp in my pocket at times when the pants actually have pockets big enough (rare).

    But mostly I carry my glock 26 in a flashbang holster (bra holster). I love it!

    I'm new to concealed carry but I love my flashbang holster!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by annieo View Post
    Has anyone tried the bra holster? It's intriguing in theory but I was wondering what it was like in reality.
    I have the flashbang and I love it. You have to have the right bra and it has to fit right, but it's the most comfortable way I have found to carry.

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    Here is a link to The Well Armed Woman where the flashbang holster lives. She has many other holsters available, as well as carry purses. I have one of her carry purses I use in my Oklahoma carry classes to show women that option and I have to watch it so it does not walk out the door. Just kidding, but the ladies really like the purse, well made and very useful.

    Carrie is a really nice lady who answers her phone and is most helpful.
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    I hate purses.... just one more thing to keep up with! I use the crossbreed supertuck and it is just as effective under womens clothing with the Ruger SR9c as it is with the Keltec p32. There are few outfits that will not work with this rig. Cheryl

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    Quote Originally Posted by weekendskp View Post
    I bought my wife a Kel-tec PF-9 with a Crimson Trace laser. She doesn't have her CCW yet so she can't carry, but when she does, I know she'll start out in her purse. She's not going to go along with switching purses for a gun purse. What do I get her to hold it in place in a pocket of her present purse?
    I suggest you look into a Remora holster for her PF-9. No loops, clips, or anything to hold it in place IWB, but it never moves... even wearing sweats. Less than thirty bucks, too! Home of the Original Remora No Clip IWB Concealment Holster
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    To weekendskp:
    A good method for holding a pistol in a purse is the Ohai Modular Holster from Crossbreed. It has sheets of velcro that you stick inside a purse somewhere, and a holster that sticks to the velcro. There is enough velcro to do a couple of purses, and you can move the holster between purses. I have modified a couple of purses this way. You just need to use a purse with firm sides. Purse carry isn't my number one choice -- it's too easy to be separated from your purse. But when it's that or nothing, this is a great system.

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    Ladies, how do you carry?

    I think it is sometimes a problem for the gals to find a holster, as most are made for men. I notices when I bought my latest holster that there was a place in Florida call , simply, The Holster Store. They carry a large selection of holsters for both men and the ladies.
    I bought my holster from them. It is called a Pro-Carry Deep Comfort IWB (inside the waste ban) holster. I bought mine over their web site THE HOLSTER STORE | Quality American Holsters, Custom Leather Holsters, Holsters Online. and received my holster in 4 days. I have been totally satisfied with it. No, I do not work for them. Just a satisfied customer. The have a ladies holster section also.

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    I do not think that a purse carry is a good choice. There is too much crap to sift through in MOST cases. The firearm can snag on material on the draw. Once drawn, the purse must be dropped to the ground, running up from behind and grabbing the purse is a favorite tactic for pickpockets. Just too many things working against a purse for a safe and secure way to CCW. In my classes I have found that most women find the Crossbreed supertuck very comfortable and concealable. The wife used to carry in a purse and I went on a quest to get her out of it. She now uses the CBST for her Ruger .40sc. There are several copycats out there to choose from. Please ladies, try to stay away from the purse and keep your handgun on your person.
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