What do you fear the most?
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Thread: What do you fear the most?

  1. What do you fear the most?

    You have your license..you carry a handgun...

    what are your fears and how do you train to prepare yourself?

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    Politicans, you beat me to it, other than that, I fear not being able to take care of my family or myself and very little else.

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    I fear that my wife will do the math and figure out how much we have in the gun safe.

    Seriously, the most likely scenario I face (IMO) is a home invasion so I focuse on making it hard to get into the house.
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    for me its home invasion or being in a store with other people and it being held up. for the home i just added some "things" to make it more of a pain in the rear to get in. for the store i just try and be a good people watcher and always know where an exit is, just in case and i watch who's coming through the door.

  7. Home invasion, hands down. I don't care about store robberies...I'm not a cop and I have no duty to respond to a public danger, licensed carry or not.

    But kick in my door or hijack my car and we'll have issues to discuss.

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    Where I live it is the local police chief who is a member of the "good old boy" club. He has made it clear that nobody in the small town where I live needs to carry a gun. He has even harrassed some individuals who have carry permits and has refered to people who like firearms as "gun-nuts". He has mislead others who have contacted him on how to apply for a carry permit in an effort to discourage people from applying. He is a polititian.

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    Home invasion.


  10. home invasion

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&WM&P40 View Post
    Home invasion.
    Then don't move to Australia, because they have no legal definition of what a "home invasion" is or what the penalty should be. Makes me glad to live in a Castle Doctrine state. I too would find a home invasion a most traumatic experience. I train in order to make the experience more traumatic for the invader though.

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