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    I am looking for a good IWB holster to carry my MP 9c. I have heard good things about Crossbreed and kholsters. The guy at my local gun shop told me about Raven holsters. He also said that I might have a hard time concealing because of my small frame and height. Any suggestions?
    I do not have any of the holsters that you mentioned, but I thought I would post about concealment for people of smaller frame and height.

    I am 5'6" and female. I have an aging athletic build (trim, not too curvy) and I can successfully conceal an HK USP 9c @ the 4:30 position with a custom IWB holster. I believe our handguns are of similar size, and I am sure that with a little experimentation you will be able to successfully conceal your handgun as well.

    BTW, I carry concealed with jeans/shorts and a t-shirt/polo shirt. With my body type, I can not tuck my shirts in but for me tucking my shirt in is less important than having my firearm on my person....

    Might I add that I have heard nothing but good about Crossbreed holsters and their ability to conceal virtually any gun?

    Best of luck in finding a comfortable, workable, every day solution to concealing your firearm.

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    I love my crossbreed.
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    Thanks everybody! I think it is hard for anyone to find a good holster, especially women. I have been told I will go through several before finding the right one. Hopefully with everyone's suggestions and my research I will find one that works for me. I belive I am going to go with the Crossbreed. Again thanks to everyone that responded.

  5. I'll tell you that a cross breed holsters are super...both my wife and I use them and she to also has an M&P

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    I've tried several holsters, and really love my latest by Kurtis at Shielded Holsters. COMFY, inexpensive, high quality, and top notch customer service.

    Hope I don't violate forum rules by posting a link to GT here, but this is the only way I know of to see what he has to offer. I'd build the dude a website myself if he'd let me to promote his holsters:

    FS: Custom Made Holsters! - Glock Talk

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    Thanks for the link. Looks like a nice holster and a nice price. I ordered a Kholster but my husband will need an IWB for his HK 45. I will definetly show him this site. Thanks again.

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    I really like the sticky holster ( Sticky Holsters - Redefining Concealment ). I can put it anywhere and it stays where I put it even in sweat pants or shorts with no belt. Real comfy too.

  9. I like my Milt Sparks Summer Special. I got it for $30 off of Craigslist.

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    I have several Comp-Tac MTAC holsters (full size 1911, Kahr K9, Kimber Ultra Carry, Sig P226R) and they are MY personal favorite. I prefer them over the Super Tuck because the finished leather surface on the inside of the MTAC glides over the skin/clothing instead of chafing. OTOH, I prefer the Crossbreed MiniTuck to the Comp-Tac CTAC for my Sig P238.

    The wife also prefers the Comp-Tac MTAC over everything else that she's tried.

    OTOH, Kramer makes a special ladies OWB belt holster that we're going to get for her.

  11. I'm a big fan of the Comp tac myself.

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