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Thread: A good IWB holster

  1. I too like the MTAC. Not just for the leather interior surface but because it completely covers the barrel and slide, as opposed to a slide-type holster with the gun protruding below the holster. I've heard of some problems with that arrangement; the barrel/slide putting holes in shirts and pants. I don't know if this is a problem with the super-tuck but my MTAC is very comfortable so I'm happy with it.

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    I don't know if anyone still follows this post, but I'll put in my own 2 cents:
    I like the Crossbreed and Kholster more than anything. I believe Kholster has my #1 vote, then Crossbreed. Here's why:
    Crossbreed and Kholster have metal clips. I had another one with plastic clips and the clips kept breaking off. It's now in my "junk" box. The metal clips hold onto your belt much better and stand up to time much better.
    Crossbreed offers a 'combat cut'. Don't do this if your gun has a rough-texture grip. Mine tears up my rib cage in a very bad way. I ended up buying one with a full cut, just to protect my 'love handles'.
    The Kholster has a HUGE number of adjustment points so that I can carry with extreme-forward carry (FBI forward cant), or way back (for crossdraw), and everywhere in between. Jimmy is as cool as it gets. He's easy to work with and will bend backwards to make you happy.
    Crossbreed offers a full cut, too, last I knew. It takes time and practice to learn to draw from a full cut (WITH AN UNLOADED GUN!). Make sure you make that time investment with ANY holster, regardless of what you choose.
    Good luck!

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    I"m glad to hear about the Crossbreed. I was thinking about ordering but the final price was nearly $100.00 so I wanted more opinions before I did. Seems like everything is sized for men, so it makes it difficult when deciding how they would work for women.

  5. please check out White Hat Holsters. They have a IWB that is similar to the crossbreed:
    MaxTuck IWB Holster - Jet Black Horsehide
    I decided on the Maxtuck after research and seeing this video:

    The customer service is great!

  6. good IWB Holster

    Galco...they have many choices to fit your needs

  7. Comp tac Minotaur

  8. Love my "UGLY HOLSTER"

    Got a Cleveland Holsters Ugly Holster for my XD. I love the way it fits. Similar design to the Super tuck with many adjustments, full or combat cut, and at a lower price. You can't go wrong with a Bobby Cleveland product.

  9. Allow me to suggest a couple of sites with great information:

    The Cornered Cat, an EXCELLENT resource for females as well as males: Cornered Cat

    Also a lady on You Tube demonstrates a lot of different kinds of holsters, discusses good and bad things about them, and has some very good comments to make: faliaphotography's Channel - YouTube

    Kathy Jackson (the Cornered Cat) has just released a paperback book to go along with her website. She is a well recognized author and expert on concealed carry and all 'round gun savvy lady!!

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    Versa Carry is a very minimalist holster that fits your weapon according to the round you fire. You only need to decide your carry depth for IWB and the holster will work for any weapon that is chambered for the same round. The only drawback is that your weapon will sit directly against you and if you want to reholster your weapon you have to remove the holster, slide your weapon on and then clip it back on your belt. The only holster that is easier to conceal than the Crossbreed Supertuck!

  11. One problem I see with the Versa Carry is that it does not cover the trigger.

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