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Thread: A good IWB holster

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    I like Don Hume holsters. I have 2 IWB leather holsters and love them. I have one for my Walther PPS and as a
    female I also have tried several ways to carry and IWB is by far the best for me. I think I ordered mine from Buyaholster.com or Getaholster.com. Met them at a show and have bought 6 holsters from them and never had a

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    Quote Originally Posted by kerlessly View Post
    I"m glad to hear about the Crossbreed. I was thinking about ordering but the final price was nearly $100.00 so I wanted more opinions before I did. Seems like everything is sized for men, so it makes it difficult when deciding how they would work for women.
    I'm in the exact same boat - I'm yet to purchase my IWB holster, but I'm heavily leaning towards the CrossBreed.

  4. I'm looking at a Personal Security Systems kydex holster for OWB. I just can't find an IWB that feels good, not that I've tried them all! My body seems to be too curvy for comfortable IWB.
    I also just received my Safariland ALS 6377---it's sweet! Good for hiking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cindylouwho962 View Post
    please check out White Hat Holsters. They have a IWB that is similar to the crossbreed:
    MaxTuck IWB Holster - Jet Black Horsehide
    I decided on the Maxtuck after research and seeing this video:
    The customer service is great!

    Thanks for this info! Checking it out.
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    It was you!!! lol
    OK, I'll explain. I saw your video, the one you just posted and ordered me one! (just couldn't remeber where I saw the video).
    Hubby and I both thought it'd be worth a little more to get the kydex thats already molded so that's what I did. Now just waiting on it to show up! Hopefully it will get her soon and I can break it in at home while waiting on my license to get here!!!
    Thanks again for sharing that!!!!

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    I have a crossbreed for my SR9 it works perfect. My wife has crossbreed for her SR9C and it is a little difficult to draw but she has been practicing and it is getting a little bit easier for her. crossbreed looks big and kind of is but it helps by taking away the pressure at point like smaller holsters do.

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    They work just as well for women.

    Quote Originally Posted by Moxie5 View Post
    I'm in the exact same boat - I'm yet to purchase my IWB holster, but I'm heavily leaning towards the CrossBreed.
    I know of a petite lady who carries a Sig P-220 in her Crossbreed. Even I can't get away with my Springfield XD without my Crossbreed or Kholster.....

    Try it. He's pretty good about making something right with you if you don't like it. I have several, and never had trouble.

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    Crossbreed minituck for my ruger lcp - have driven 4-5 hours with it in 5pm position and works great. sit all day long at a desk with it, and it feels great. Don't even notice it is there until I dont' have it anymore. :-) Worth the wait!

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    Mackenzie Enterprise!, Take Charge Now!

    I ordered it March 29th and it was on my front porch today Apr 9th. 12 days...not to shabby.
    I have and it has been on since around noon! I LOVE it!! This is my first IWB and I was worried I wouldn't like the feel. Man was I wrong! I can't even tell I have it on. Great product, Great service, and fast shipping!! $52.95 shipped for horse hide with the XDTalk discount!

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