Lavender Lady .38 spec +p vs. .32 H&R
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Thread: Lavender Lady .38 spec +p vs. .32 H&R

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    Question Lavender Lady .38 spec +p vs. .32 H&R

    I'm looking for a smaller gun for CC, currently carrying the G19, and I've come accross the Lavender Lady. I'm a fan of the revolver for this purpose but not having shot a .32 nor a .38 special +p yet, I'd like some input.

    If you've shot either of these guns or a revolver in either caliber please share.

    Lavender Lady .32 H&R

    Lavender Lady 38 spec +p

  3. Thumbs up Another great option in 9mm

    I have not carried or shot either but would throw a Kahr PM9 in the mix of you at looking for something smaller but fully capable of stout round digestion. I carry my PM9 daily and it is extremely comfortable to carry (I have a G19 and know you'll be in heaven switching to the PM9 size for all day carry) and shoots great. It has been ubber reliable as well.

    I run Federal HST in 147grn flavor and it performs amazingly out of the short barrel in water tests (that I have done) and gel tests (from others tests).

    I don't know if you have access to a G26 buy if you do, the Kahr's size is about to same overall BUT about 2/3rd's of the thickness and weight. Only downside (if there has to be one) is the single stack magazine capacity. 6+1 with the flush mag and 7+1 with the extended, but I think it's plenty to get the job done if you do your part. ;-)

  4. I cannot speak to the Charter Revolvers, but I own a pair of Taurus revolvers in 32H&R Mag and 38 Special.
    The 32 does have less recoil than the 38, but finding ammo, or a selection of ammo, for the 32 H&R mag is slimmer than 38 special.

  5. I carry the pink version of this gun in my purse. It's light enough to carry without any noticeable difference in added weight to my purse. My gun is a 38 and while it does have some recoil it isn't enough to make me not want to shoot it. I also carry a Glock model 26 (Normally on my hip)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImAShootingDiva View Post
    ... If you've shot either of these guns or a revolver in either caliber please share.
    I haven't shot the Lavender Lady, but I do own a S&W .357 magnum revolver through which I have shot several hundred rounds of .38 and .38 special +p. The kick doesn't bother me much, but it's a larger frame gun than the one you linked. It was my first gun and when I first shot it the kick was a bit intimidating. After a few range sessions though I got quite used to it.

    Personally, I chose the Walther PPS (40 cal) for my carry gun. It's small, thin, easy to conceal if you carry on body - even on slim figures, quite light. Oh, and it's a lot of fun to shoot :)

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    I own a Charter Arms 38 special. While the gun is made to withstand the increased power of the 38+P the recoil and muzzle flash are unacceptable in my opinion. The barrel is too short for the gunpowder to burn completely negating to some extent the increased power of the 38+P. I use a standard 110 grain hollowpoint in my 38. The decreased load also means I am able to fire all 5 rounds faster and more accurately which is critically important. I would definately take the 38 over the 32 as the ammunition is more widely available. Reloading is a snap. I have been happy with my Charter Arms revolver.

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    Ditto on what Santa said. Go with the 38 but don't restrict yourself to the +P loads. 38 specials with light bullets (125 grain or less) are excellent. I use 115 gr. JHP in my 38 snubby.

  9. I have the turquoise version of that .38 and love it. I haven't shot a .32 so have nothing to compare the kick to but the .38 is a pleasure to shoot. I have severe arthritis in my right wrist and the recoil doesn't cause a problem so someone younger and stronger should have no worries with it.


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    Thanks you all for the feedback. I still need to shoot them both to know for sure but I think I'm leaning towards the .38.

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