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    You should check out the KL NULL "Vampire" cross draw driving holster. I carry my S&W M 60 .357 completely "concealed and comfortable" wearing just t-shirt and shorts. Just pick your spot for easy carry regardless of dress. While driving I have it placed out of the way on left side, even middle of abdomen is fine. My favorite all around carry is the abdomen position under t-shirt.
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    Smart carry google it! No belt required and it just works weird as it looks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by docbas View Post
    Depending on what she carries, Gun Tot'n Mama makes very nice concealed carry purses. My wife has a larger gun and carries in her waistband on her back. Hope this helps.
    My wife has one as well and loves it. Only problem is her new Ruger LCR does not fit in the holster that comes with the purse(does not cover the trigger/guard all the way.)


  6. That bra holster is a neat concept, the problem is the size pistol that it limits you to. My wife has a KelTec p32 but her main option is a Kahr cw40.
    A purse is just too easy to have taken or get forgotten. If it can't be retained somewhere on your person it is that much easier to get disarmed. Although the major threat in our area is coyotes, bears and loose dogs and they aren't all that interested in stealing a purse unless you have a snickers and mountain dew hidden inside.
    Thanks for the ideas so far, Keep the posts coming, there is some great info out there and you can never have too much knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Quilici View Post
    Hello, a woman already carry's the best platform for concealed carry, her purse.
    The following video shows why a woman's purse is not the best platform for concealed carry but could possibly be the worst. Granted, she was not aware of her surroundings at all and would not be able to use a firearm for defense even if it were carried on her body, but at least the attacker wouldn't have walked off with her firearm in addition to her money and ID. Stay alert, stay alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carolinadrifter View Post
    That bra holster is a neat concept, the problem is the size pistol that it limits you to.
    It would also make breastfeeding a difficult proposition as well.

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    On the body carry for women

    Quote Originally Posted by carolinadrifter View Post
    Ladies I need your help, my wife has her CHL and has had it for a couple years now. She is a damn fine shot and accurate as hell. She has had a problem in finding a carry method that is comfortable for her and still allows her to retain the weapon on her person and this has caused her to leave it at home more often than not. Can u give me some input on the holsters you use and how well they conceal for you
    @carolinadrifter: Very good of you to look for options for your wife. I hope you get a lot of helpful responses here.

    I carry EVERY DAY (on the body), ALL DAY because the bad guys of this world have yet to call me and make an appointment for when they plan to do me harm.

    That said, about 99% of the time I carry a Kahr MK9 in a custom IWB holster by UBG holsters

    I like the gun to sit around the 2:30pm position normally (just forward of the hip) because the draw motion is more natural [I read this article by Gabe Suarez and it made a lot of sense ... WARRIOR TALK NEWS - Appendix Carry - Comfortable, Concealable, Quickest] and carry in this location is comfortable for sitting and hides the gun easily even when I'm moving around a lot. My work time is split between desk duty, moving and lifting inventory items, and spending time on my feet dealing with customers.

    I have the gun canted a little forward (muzzle points a little towards the back), which brings the grip up a little so it doesn't protrude. The top rear of the slide lines up with the widest part of my abdomen in profile view. I typically wear relaxed style polo shirts (or T-shirts) [untucked] in the summer, and relaxed fleece zip-neck shirts in the winter [untucked].

    On rare occasions, I will move the gun to the 4:30pm-5pm position (just BEHIND the hip). This only happens when the clothing I am wearing is a little more fitted than my usual attire.

    On rare occasions, I will carry my H&K USP compact instead of the Kahr MK9 (also in a custom IWB Striker holster by UBG Holsters). This gun always rides behind the hip as it is bigger and thicker than the Kahr. A gun hides in the curve of a woman's spine quite nicely when you use the "behind the hip" location.

    I am 5'6" with an aging athletic build. My shoulders are still wider than my hips for now, and that helps with the shirts draping over the gun at my waist.

    Like Tucker's Mom, there are days that I'd like to wear something a little more fitted and feminine-looking, but when weighed against not carrying my firearm I always choose to carry the firearm and dress around it.

    Obviously, I really like UBG Holsters [UBG Holsters], but I've also had good dealings with HBE Holsters (Holsters by Eric). Crossbreed also has a great reputation for successful and comfortable IWB concealment.

    I used to carry OWB, but I move around too much during the course of the day and the bottom of the holster would show if I reached for something or leaned over the wrong way. IWB conceals much better, and is equally comfortable.

    Oh yeah, I wear my normal size clothing still. If your wife can fit her fist into the inside of her waistband of her pants/shorts/skirt, then she should have no problem fitting her Kahr.... Invest in a good quality gun belt and it will keep the pants from sagging as well.

    I recommend that you look at the Cornered Cat website on the internet [Cornered Cat]. This is a great place to start in terms of ideas for where and how to carry a firearm. She has several pictures on the site as well that may be helpful.

    Good luck to the both of you in finding a system that works!

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    I know a while back I remember seeing a purse that has a compartment in the middle for a firearm, and need not worry about someone just snatching it from you because the strap has a sort of steel cable in it to keep it from breaking. This is something to look into as it is not loose in the purse and the cable in the shoulder strap keep it from being yanked off. Another plus is the way the firearm is placed in the carry compartment if need be you can actually shoot through the opposite end of the purse.

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