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    Quote Originally Posted by tcox4freedom View Post
    Thanks Db.
    The 1st thing my wife said about the holster was; "What's with the flower? --- I wouldn't want a flower!" (LOL)
    The second thing she ask was if it could be worn on the inside of her left thigh. (She's a "righty", and this seems a more logical place to carry.)

    Could you go into a bit more detail on how you modified the holster to carry on the inside of the thigh?
    LOL, yea, the flower is too "hippy" for me too. I am a righty, but like it better on my right thigh butt forward because it takes less reach across my "bra encased chest" and it really is quicker to get to. I will get some pictures later today, but essentially, it has enough velcro in the right places that it's simple to pull off and reset the velcro to change it to an inside thigh carry instead of an outside thigh carry.
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    Thanks Db!

  4. Chick Thigh Holster!!

    Thanks! I'm new to this and wear skirts/ dresses and wasn't coming up with any good ways of carrying. That might work for me.

  5. I would like to try one! :)

  6. I will have to order one of these for the wife.

  7. I teach CC classes and I'm always searching for better ways to carry that I can recommend for the ladies in class. Thank you very much.

  8. I love the look of it but I don't like that its on the outside of the leg. While thats definitely more comfortable many outfits I'd wear wouldn't hide it.
    I'm considering this one:
    Ladies Thigh Holster
    Saw it on this video:

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    Thanks for posting the pictures of the thigh holster..going to look into getting one.
    - Annette, NY

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    Sadly, Chick Holsters decided to close the business a while back. Nice lady. Before she did she worked with a group of kilted friends to adapt her Chick Holster for men to wear under their kilts. I actually wound up with a double rig for two S&W 5 shot 642 revolvers.

    It concealed well, even when sitting in a car. And when in a car there was still very easy access. If confronted by a BG it was easy to turn sideways and slip the far hand under the kilt hem to reach the revolver without being seen. Or the other planned ruse was to feign intense knee pain, fall to the floor clutching my knee, then come up heeled.

    I preferred to carry on the outside of my legs. Took a bit of time to rig up. But never printed due to all the pleats of the kilt and being under my wide hips.

    Access was no problem when in a hurry, just cupped the hand under the kilt hem like you would a shirt hem.

    Basic rig was a velcro waist belt. A drop belt hung from the waist belt and attached to the holster. A wide velcro belt wrapped around the thigh. We kilted guys wound up using two drop belts for more stability.

    And, since the wee revolvers were only 5 shot I wound up getting one for each leg. Sometimes wore one, sometimes both. Got away from it due to the complexity of rigging them up.

    Haven't tried it, but also figured most any drop thigh holster rig could be set up to be worn under the kilt instead of over the pants.

    Urged Chick Holsters to try setting up a booth at a large Highland Games in her area...felt she'd sell a lot. But main focus of the business was sales to women - with the flower on the holster. Sad they aren't in the business anymore.

    For the tartan curious - top pic is the Clan Gunn tartan. Bottom two pics are the USMC Leatherneck tartan.

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    I just tried the link... and they are no longer in business

    I see others that may work, just wish I could see them inperson... like at a gun show maybe?

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