I want to say thanks to all those that have given me advise and I thought I should bring you up to date.
For myself, I have a Walther P22 & Walther PK380.

My wife was very emphatic about picking out her own gun. However, many stores are not very receptive about showing different guns when they know we are in the looking phase.

However, she liked the Sig Sauer P238 w/laser best and thus I'm currently in the market for one. She also liked the Sig Sauer Mosquito for just shooting.

I am a little concerned about the Mosquito for I have read may pro's and con's about it. But, most comments were from 2009/2010 and I think the 2011/2012 may have been improved.

I am also leaning to the Mossberg.... basically because of the cost. Seems they are in some cases quite different in pricing and readily available.

My wonderful 4ft 10" lady can handle a Mossberg 20 ga seemingly more at ease than a Remington, Not exactly sure why.... but it doesn't really matter. She is happy for the moment.

Thanks again.....