New CHL looking for thoughts on carry
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Thread: New CHL looking for thoughts on carry

  1. New CHL looking for thoughts on carry

    Hello all-This is jolliblon and I am looking for thoughts on carrying a j frame. I am 5 foot tall and about 125 pounds. I have been using a fanny pack but would like something less obtrusive. I am sure this question has been asked and answered so please forgive me if this is redundant. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Check out Kathy Jackson's helpful info on

  4. j frame carry

    Consider a cc purse or, if you want it on your person, look into a crossbreed supertuck or mini tuck holster

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    No purse recommended here. Unless you want your defense weapon taken from you more easily, that is.

  6. I'll echo the "no purse" comments. From a post on another thread in this forum, I've been looking into Kholster products. I think I'll order one next week during their 9/11 special sale. Their no questions asked return policy really got my attention.


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