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Thread: What gun is best for a girl?

  1. Every girl is different and every new shooter has the daunting task of learning what works for them. My wife got a 1911 because of her familiarity with it from military service and eventually decided she didn't like it. She got a 4" stainless S&W .357 which she liked better because it didn't "convulse and spit" and allows practice with .38spl but the Ruger LCR really appealed to her because it's small and light. Now, she likes the S&W best because the greater weight and longer sight radius improve accuracy. It's not easily concealable on-body, but fits in a concealment purse.

  3. Another vote here for the Sig P238 (.380 ACP). I don't own one, but I've handled and fired one and that's the one I'd choose if I had a chance at getting a CCW.

    I have a Beretta Bobcat .25 but that's because that's what my uncle bought me a loooong time ago when I was a single female living alone. And the P238 wasn't on the market. I'd really rather have a .380 for carry. I have a .45 for home.

    As others have said, it's all what YOU are comfortable with. Try as many guns as you can and decide what you're most comfortable with.

  4. My wife just bought a Ruger SR40C. It fits her small hands and inhibited budget.
    Try this, Go to a gun store and ask for help from the guy working the counter: hold each gun, in ascending order of size. My wife held 12-15 pistols before she found one that felt like an extension of her arm. Then see if you can shoot it. Good luck!

  5. Now I must admit, I LOVE my P 238!! I didn't like the grips on it, and got new grips that fit my hand just right! It is easy to carry easy to use, and I have a holster that looks like a wallet. Pull it out of my purse, point (while clicking safety off) and ready for action. Hope I never have to use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    One Glock purchace tends to lead to another.
    This is very true my man,LOL, especialy if your better half likes to shoot them to, currintly at 6 and looking at a G-31C

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    I have a very small hand. I got a Ruger SR9c. Shot 100 rounds target shooting. I like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suejwk View Post
    I have a very small hand. I got a Ruger SR9c. Shot 100 rounds target shooting. I like it.
    Welcome to USA Carry. I assume you will be getting a WI CCW permit as that is now an option?

  9. Wink now, try this!

    Congrats, enjoy and be safe! When you have time, get some pumpkins, jugs of water, bleach bottles and fill them with water...line them up and blast them. What fun. Don't forget to 'name them'....teehee!

  10. ^ I gotta admit, that is some of the most fun you can have!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulatek View Post
    All good info, as Sfe said make sure you can handle racking the slide and loading the magazine on whatever you think is an option. My wife can only rack the slide easily on the Walther PK380 we bought for her, she had trouble with most other. Same with the magazines, the ones with stiffer springs were too hard for her to load. We almost went to a revolver but settled on the Walther. Best to go rent several at the range t find one that fits your hand best, and that you can work easily. Take everything in to account - racking the slide, loading the magazine, the weight and whether you will carry it if it's too heavy, the size and whether it fits with your dress and ability to carry. Better to have a smaller caliber pistol you will carry than a bigger one you will not.

    My wife had the same problems. As soon as she picked up the PK380 she knew it was the one. Racked it back with ease, fit her hand perfectly. Only small issue was the mag release but after a few hundred rounds she's got the hang of it.

    Only suggestion is if you go with 380, reload it! The bullets are just as expensive as 45acp.
    Be cool and eat fruit!

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