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Thread: What gun is best for a girl?

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    Don't know about the Taurus .380.

    Generally, the smaller the gun the more the recoil. A .380 Ruger LCP, for example, while a lower powered load is a bear to shoot and a full sized 1911 in .45 is relatively easy. A full sized 9mm would be even nicer. Little light guns, while easier to hold for a small person, are easier to conceal but harder to shoot. Larger guns because of the larger grip and mass, spread the force of recoil out over a larger surface but are a bear to conceal. Somewhere there is a happy medium, or, you have to have at least 2 guns, one for the range, one for CC. The range gun also works for home defense.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Try them all...My daughter had a .38 lightweight, no hammer and she hated it and I do not blame her...The gun kicked like a mule! Many ranges have guns you can try out, our range charges $20 and if you purchase a gun from them they do not charge you the $20. My wife shoots a .22LR P22 and really enjoys it; she is getting comfortable enough to shoot my sr9c now

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    My mama is small framed person but wanted to carry, so we looked and got her a smith .22 mag. Does well for her. But I agree with everyone else. It's the brand and caliber that YOU like the best and are the most comfortable with.

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    First I can't believe that an INSTRUCTOR would suggest 2 diffrent weapons one to carry and one for the range. Don't even think of doing this. When your life can depend on your range training and you grab your carry gun in the heat of a gun fight and your brain say's oh! **** what is this in my hand and you end up DEAD because of training that you did with another weapon that fit your hand diffrently . PRACTICE WITH WHAT YOU CARRY and then you can switch between carry ammo and practice ammo for a lighter recoil. But you must also shoot your carry ammo from time to time.
    Both my wife and I carry Walther PK-380's with Speer Gold Dot 95 grain hollow point ammo and I reload 95 grain hollow point ammo to the same specks that the Speer ammo is. But I am fortunate as I can reload for everything that I have and also use my chronograph to check the loads. I am not saying that you have to become a reloader, I am just saying that you should practice with what you will carry as far as your weapon is concerned and ammo of a like nature if possible.

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    What's wrong with being competent with more than one gun? I never would tell someone to not practice with a carry gun, and their carry ammo. I have more than 2 guns and I work with all of them. I have multiple carry guns too. They all work with different outfits.

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    that is like asking what is the best purse or high heels or make-up ...

    shoot many. find one you are comfortable with shooting and lugging around all day.

    then shoot until you are proficient with it.

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  8. What a fun adventure you have begun! I agree with those saying that you should try out as many as you can. Go with friends or family to the range, you will probably be surprise how many people will come talk to you and let you try their guns. If you don't have a range just go shooting with who you can and get your hands on as many different guns as possible. Also, exploring useful sites regarding women and concealed carry will be helpful. I have enjoyed corneredcat.com and faliaphotography's videos on YouTube. Also a new site focused on women and concealed carry is <a href"http://www.concealcarry.co">ConcealCarry.Co/a> I believe, I saw that they were doing a beta test on their site so it will be open for a bit so you can give them feedback as to what would help you and what you would like to see.

    I started with a kahr pm40 and baby eagle 9mm, sold those, bought a 1911 and then ended up getting a Sig P238 for concealed carry. Everyone and their situations are different though. Take your time, be patient, look, hold, and shoot as many as you can and then decide.

    Enjoy!! The hunt is part of the fun!!

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    There is no one gun that is best for anyone. You, the individual, need to look at, hold, aim, try out for fit, a number of guns to find the one that "fits" you best. I, too, am a senior, age 69. Personally, I finally chose a Taurus PT709 Slim 9mm as my carry weapon of choice. It fits my hand and the recoil is not too much for me to manage (when I grip properly and give the gun enough support from both strong hand and support hand). I also have a Taurus PT738 (.380 caliber) which is smaller than the 9mm.

    I really enjoy target shooting and go to the range a couple of time a month -- would go more often if I could afford the ammo and the gas to get to the range more often.

    Whatever you choose, learn to use it properly; training and practice are very important and you can't get too much of either. And ultimately, enjoy it and pray you never have to use it to protect yourself from an attack.

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    The best gun for a woman is one she can proficiently and consistently hit her target with whether revolver or pistol. Have 2 also, one for a backup.
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    Try all of them you can, find the one or two that you like, that fit your hand, that feel good for you to use. I have several handguns that I have acquired through the years. Both wheelguns and autos, all of them are good weapons, have different carry requirements, and I pretty much practice shooting all of them from time to time. Right now, I carry an XDm 45acp 3.8 Compact. I had been carrying a 1911 gov in 45, but it is a very old gun, it was time to get something new, so the XDm was it's carry replacement. I also have a little Taurus 22 that more often than not is my pocket carry. I practice weekly with both. Its all about you, have it your way. Just make sure whatever you decide on you get out to the range and be as proficient with it as you can.

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