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  1. I had the same situation on which one. I went with the 19 and let me tell ya, no regrets. A buddy of mine bought the 26 when it first came out and I remember shooting that thing. With slightly bigger hands it was difficult to control. The 19 I just bought earlier this year (gen4) is just what has been said prior to what I'm saying. Great to shoot, conceals well in a comp-tac infidel holster, and I'm not a big guy, 6 foot and 170lbs. I'd go with the 19 hands down. And later if you wanted the 26, the clips will fit from the 19. Just my 2 cents.

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    I like my G-26, I just don't CCW with it to much. I'm a 1911 guy but I'll say the G-26 is more dependable and easier to conceal than my 1911's. As said, get the mag. pinkie extension.

    Glock 26-glock-alessi.jpg

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    Though I said I use the 26 for EDC I do own the 19 also and that works with the same holster. And once in a while I do carry it. But it does not carry the same the 26 is more comfortable.
    Though not much bigger there is a difference.
    Sometime I ankle carry the 26 and IWB the 19.
    I know I wouldn't want ankle carry the 19.

  5. I cannot say enough good things about the G26.....I have had my Gen4 for a few months and it is my CCW weapon of is light....very accurate, easy to clean/maintain and with over 1000 rds thru it, i have never had any type of is one reliable gun
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  6. Thanks everybody, I greatly appreaciate all the input. I'm definitely going to go to the range and try out the G26 & G19. Being on the smaller side, I'm still leaning toward the G26 but won't rule out anything before I try them.

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    Go for it. None of mine, nor the dozens of people I've known with them, have ever so much as hiccup'd.
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  8. I've never used a glock. I guess it is a pretty good weapon.
    my only prob. with it is if you down grade any other gun then I have no use for one.
    i guess I'm more for the under dog.
    more guns out there just as good as a glock. dont let anyone tell you any differnt

  9. Glock 26

    Being a Springfield fan, not to mention i outsell Glock about 10 to one. May i suggest giving the Springfield XD sub compact a look? Ready to go right out of the box without having to make essential upgrades. If you like the Glock, by all means go for it. Just have a look at the XD and make an informed decision. I have Police officers who chose the XD as their back up...just sayin

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    My wife uses G26 and I use G27. Both are great. She prefers the 9 because she says it kicks less than the 40. I say to her "whatever makes you happy".

  11. G26

    Good little mini~especially if you have a G17 or 19. I am an XD fan myself. There sub compact is a better quality Gun right out of the Box...meaning you wont have to make changes to your Barrel, trigger, spring etc. But i am biased, i really dont think you can go wrong and it really is a nice Handgun. Go for it, you wont be disapointed

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