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    I must be missing the boat on the XD, as I was not impressed with the HS2000 when it first appeared & never have given the Springfield any attention. I have owned many Glocks over the years, and still have a 23 with the Lasermax, as well as a 26 for my wife's CCW. I set her 26 up with a 15rd G19 mag, with the A&G grip extension. She is very happy with it.

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    i have the g26 as well and i am very happy with it. i do have the 4th gen tho and that was the only one that would fit my small hands. iv never been able to hold a glock properly til this last gen. glocks feel like bricks in my hand like a beretta 92 they are very wide. as soon as glock comes out with a single stack ill be all over it as well. but since i have now put many rounds downrange i am deadly accurate with it and wouldnt part with it for anything. great gun.

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    I own a few Glocks and my favorite is the G26. Equiped with TruGlo TFO sights and a Crimsion Trace LaserGrip. My wife has one as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Chelmo Williams View Post
    Thanks everybody, I greatly appreaciate all the input. I'm definitely going to go to the range and try out the G26 & G19. Being on the smaller side, I'm still leaning toward the G26 but won't rule out anything before I try them.
    I just bought my first gun, a G26, Gen4 for CC. I shot a friend's Gen3 and really liked it. For me, with average sized women's hands, it fit really well, even without the pinky extender. Interestingly, the Gen3 clip with an extender pinched my pinky finger badly. The new Gen4's have a little lip that covers the mag to prevent pinching.

    Per someone else's recommendation, my husband has the Springfield XDm - it's a really nice gun, too, but a little longer in the grip and slide height. Aside from those tiny differences, I didn't like the backstrap safety. But that's a personal preference.

    My main concern was concealability. I knew I wanted a double stack and the shorter the grip (for my body type) the better. I guess it all depends on if you want to CC or not and what you feel will work best for your body type and comfortable carry position. I'll be carrying a G19 magazine as my backup.

    And I definitively agree with @W4DM - for my hands, the Gen4 grip is much more comfortable than a Gen3.

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    My EDC is a G26. It's box stock except for the Pierce +0 extension on the bottom of both magazines. The +0 extension extends the magazine just enough to give your pinky finger a grip but doesn't change magazine capacity. I have and have carried both a Glock 19 and a Glock 26. The Glock 26 is definitely easier to conceal. Truth be told, I think it's about as good a gun as there is available for concealed carry.

    I carry it IWB in a VersaMax-II at 3:00 in the winter when I can wear a sweatshirt, at 5:00 IWB under an untucked shirt in a SuperTuck in the summer. My wife says the Supertuck is better for a female.

    There are times I can't hide the thing, in those instances I carry a P238 or an LCP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Chelmo Williams View Post
    Looking at purchasing a Glock 26. Would like to hear what your personal experiences pros and cons are for it. Thanks.
    Glock 26?!? Did someone ask about the Glock 26???

    Let's see what Hickok45 has to say about the Glock 26.....

    ~An excellent choice i.m.h.o.~
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  8. I'm in the market for CCW handgun. I really want the Glock 26 (or 40) but every time I go look at them, I also look at the M&P compact. I like the feel of the Glock but the M&Pc makes sweet, sweet love to my hand. Even though I really want to love the Glock, I just can't when there's an M&Pc around.

    FYI: In size, the M&Pc is between the G26 and G19.

    EDIT: I just realized this is in the women's section... don't know if I'm supposed to be posting here. Sorry!

  9. All depends on the comfort in your hand. I really wanted a Glock, this one in particular. I love the way they shoot. Unfortunately I have small hands and just don't have the control level I can accomplish with something that fits my hand better.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rhino View Post
    Even with a magazine extender the G26/27 is much more compact and easier to conceal than a G19. You have to remember that in terms of concealment, it is the rear of the gun butt that tends to stick out first, and the magazine extension doesn't extend at the rear. It only extends at the front. But don't trust what I say, and certainly don't trust measurements from a brochure or a web site. Go to a gun store and hold both guns. You'll discover that, even with a magazine extension, there is a world of difference size-wise between a G26/27 and a G19.
    I carry a G26 daily (IWB or Ankle) with a Pearce +2 (PG-39) extension... the statement above is absolutely correct.

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    Love the Glock. I have a G-19 now and the G-26 is next. You might consider picking up one or two G-17 magazines for backup. A magazine is not difficult to conceal and Pearce makes a +2 and +3 extender. One G-17 with a Pearce +3 (PG-GP) gives you 20 rounds in a spare magazine. Even without the extension you have seventeen rounds and you will want to reload as little as possible. If you do not care for the feel of the longer magazine they also make a sleeve that you can place on your spare magazine. Most recommendations are that you have one or two reloads for your sidearm. Also the +0 on your carry magazine if you prefer the three finger grip.
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