Don't hesitate to purchase the Glock 26, I have one that I carry 90% of the time except when my G19C is feeling left out, LOL. I used to own a G27 and G23, the G27 had the grip extensions and I actually prefer the G26 without them, they almost seemed like they made the G27 print more when carried IWB, probably just my imagination since my G19C and G20 don't seem to print IWB with crossbreed and Galco KingTuk holsters. It's weird, at times when shooting at the ranges here in Albuquerque I seem more accurate with the G26 and I wonder if it's due in part to my pinky not being on the grip since I've noticed Hickock45 of fame shoots this way regardless of the gun...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, anyways, good luck and know you're making the right choice by purchasing Glock!