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    Looking at purchasing a Glock 26. Would like to hear what your personal experiences pros and cons are for it. Thanks.

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    Personally I would go for the Glock 27, but that's only because my main carry piece is the Glock 22 and they both use the same ammo. However, with that aside, the mini-glocks have a long track record of reliability and should serve you well.

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    I carry the G26 99% of the time, its a good reliable gun. I use the extender on all my mags, for a better grip with out it, it will tend to hop while firing. All and all its a good gun and easy to conceal, most of the time I have it on my hip under my shirt, but I sometimes carry it on my ankle. hope this helps.

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    I carry a 26 as my EDC love it. I also use the grip extension on my mags as I have big hands, so it took a few rounds as I wanted to over grip it at first but some small adjustments it was fine.
    I also use a crimson trace laser on it and use the galco kingtuk holster and you almost forget it's there.
    Hope that helps.

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    I carry a 26 as my EDC, and love it. Its a great gun extremly accurate and reliable. I would def recommend a G26 to you or anyone else. But like stated above, get the pinky extensions, it gives you that extra needed grip and makes a works of a difference.

    Hope this helps, and let us know what you decide

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    I carry a 23 when it says glock on the pistol you are making a good choice

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    Since you said "pros and cons" I thought I'd throw something in here...

    I currently don't own a handgun but am looking at getting my first for carrying. I was debating between the Glock 19 and Glock 26. I've decided to go with the Glock 19 because, as a few others have said, the grip on the Glock 26 is short. I could put an extender on but then it's basically the size of the Glock 19 in the grip and only about 0.5" shorter in overall length. I realize that the Glock 26 at least gives me the option of not having the extender on the magazine but if it's uncomfortable to shoot without the extender I simply won't use it without.

    I can't imagine you'll be unhappy with the Glock 26 but I thought I'd throw in my thoughts about why I won't be going with one.

    Also, some of the best advice I received was to go somewhere where you can rent/borrow one before you buy. If it isn't comfortable don't buy. You shouldn't force yourself to adapt to the firearm if something else out there is more comfortable.

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    Going with Glock, you won't be sorry. I personally prefer a full-size, because I'm a larger guy. My wife carries the subcompact (G27) but she's smaller-framed and has smaller hands. While I find the sub a little difficult to control, she finds it quite manageable. It all boils down to preference. There is no difference in reliability: both will serve you well. If you're unsure, go to a range that rents guns and shoot the G26 alongside whatever else you might be considering. I recommend you consider the G19 as well, just for comparison. Then decide what feels best, and what you will be comfortable carrying.

    Another nibble for thought: Carrying a full size frame pistol is sometimes a challenge for me, especially in warmer weather. But I consider it a reasonable compromise, because if ever called upon to use it, the increased control and capacity of the full size frame will be MORE than worth the hassle. That being said, I recommend the largest frame you can effectively conceal, and are willing to carry regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ben_p View Post
    I could put an extender on but then it's basically the size of the Glock 19 in the grip and only about 0.5" shorter in overall length.
    Not really true. My wife has a G26 and I have a G27, G21SF and a G30SF. Even with a magazine extender the G26/27 is much more compact and easier to conceal than a G19. You have to remember that in terms of concealment, it is the rear of the gun butt that tends to stick out first, and the magazine extension doesn't extend at the rear. It only extends at the front. But don't trust what I say, and certainly don't trust measurements from a brochure or a web site. Go to a gun store and hold both guns. You'll discover that, even with a magazine extension, there is a world of difference size-wise between a G26/27 and a G19.

    As for pros and cons, my wife is getting rid of her G26 but not because there is anything wrong with it. She's just going to use my G27 instead because it's the same gun in a more potent caliber, and I'll no longer have to buy 9mm ammo in addition to our other calibers. The guns are great.
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    G26 is a great EDC...can't go wrong with it.

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