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Thread: Hand gun for my wife to carry

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  3. Just got my wife a P238

    She does not carry yet but will be in a couple of weeks.

    She loves the gun' it handles very well for being that small

    Since the hammer is out in the open, she was a little shy because can see that it is cocked. Once I pointed out that mine was cocked as well she realized it was not an issue

    She also likes the customizable grips. As I sure you are aware, it has to match the shoes ;-)

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    My wife carries the Lcp. She enjoys shooting my 238 much better (sights, trigger, slide racking, less recoil), but didn't feel comfortable carrying a 1911 cocked and locked. It takes a lot more practice to be proficient safely with a cocked and locked. Comfort, that's what's important.

    What does your wife feel is the most comfortable to use?

  5. I have a sig p238 that I carry and I absolutely love it. I am 5'8" about 145 lbs. I wear it in an IWB holster and I have shot and practiced with it so much, I am comfortable wearing it cocked and locked. I have also practice a lot without one in the chamber, racking the slide on the draw. I love my sig.

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    Ditto - I am very happy with my Sig P238 as a BUG.

    Most important, though, is for the man to get out of the way in this process. A gun is a personal tool. The woman must choose the tool that makes the most sense for her purposes. If she can attend a Women on Target class by the NRA - a gun safety and familiarization course - it would be extremely helpful.

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    Thank you for all the input. I appreciate all the very valid points made. Some of which I had not thought of. I will have to take my wife to look at the hand guns again with these point in mind. Thank you again.


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    My wife loves her Walther PK380. Ergo's are great. She has close to 1000 rounds through with about 3 FTE, which could be due to my hand load.
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